So whats next ? :)

  1. hey I am so done with all the bags for this season what is next for resort does anyone have an Idea :smile::nuts:
  2. seriously! What is next? I have my "fall" bags. Now on to cruise. Now I am debating on returning my pink flap and seeing if they come out with a different "pink". Next season I think I am investing in more classics.
  3. I wish they would come back with Fuschia or a dark pink, I think that would be my last flap if it came out.

    At moment I'm not liking any thing this season except the colour of the chocolate brown bubble quilt bags.
  4. I just got the expandable tote in black (i think that's what its called) and I am totally obsessed for now. But that's not to say I wont' be tempeted:graucho:
  5. The summer has not even ended and we are already looking forward to the next years collection ;)
  6. ^totally!
  7. Funny, I must have thought the same thing -- what's next -- because when I was at Tysons two weekends ago, I asked if anything special was coming this year for Valentine. I believe cruise (news) will be available in October, so we're gonna have to sit tight, hope and pray.
  8. My Nordstrom s/a went to a Cruise show back in May and said *the*color for the Cruise season will be coral - LOTS of coral! Also some black, white, and navy. The Cerf tote will be available in black/silver CC and white/silver CC - and of course at a price increase of over $2K (no actual figure has been given yet). Tote prices will start at just under $3K. She didn't have pics to share from her trip unfortunately, so I have no idea of new styles.
  9. LOL! Easy guys! We got out fall bags already but it'ss still hot and the season is not yet changing! LOL..
  10. oh help! if the cerf comes out in coral, i am a freakin goner. i passed on an outdoor ligne in coral at NM, on sale for about $1500, a few months ago, and since then, have been beating my head against a wall, daily...coral Chanel sets my heart aflutter ...:p
    and am loving the color green in the bubble bag, want that color in expandable flap!
  11. coral? ok, maybe i should be waiting. waiting for cruise......ok, what do i do til than? :sweatdrop:
  12. I heard there will be bright color like in the coco croco colors. Also more metallics and a satin clutch for under $1000.
  13. My SA says there is another luxury bowler coming out in black. She isn't sure exactly what leather it will be but it won't be patent . I am already on the list for this one!
  14. I absolutely looove coral... god help me if a patent coral flap makes an appearance... I saw one once years ago at the SHM NM boutique, and to this day can't imagine why I didn't get it!!!
  15. ohhhhh i am so looking forward to cruise!