So what's next on the list?

  1. As everyone seems to have had a splurge recently - all those lovely new coffers and gauffre satchels - what is next on our collective lists?
    What Prada or Miu Miu are you lusting after and when do you think you will be buying??
  2. Morning Sarajane...

    Good question!!!! I am sort of lusting over the Gauffre bowler in the natural deerskin... I drove by Prada yesterday - saw a space available but it would have made me late for my gyno appt :yucky: if I stopped so I kept on driving!!! There's no way I could have run in there for 5 mins to gaze at that beauty. Believe me it killed me not to stop!! I can't stop thinking about it.

    That's the one bag I've got on my mind right now. Yah, it's only one I'm lusting after... can you believe it???!!!

    I'm really really excited about the FALL bags... and aside from the above gauffre, I really cannot wait for these to come out. The suspense is killing me!! Anyone know exactly *when* we'll see our first fall bag hitting the NM, Saks or BG websites???? :sweatdrop: Or the stores??? I'm dying with anticipation over here!!!
  3. PS!! Does anyone have a pic of that bag I mentioned? or own it???