So, whats in your collection now?

  1. Since so many of us buy and sell and buy, buy, buy, whats in your Balenciaga collection right now? Whats the one bag that has eluded you?

    *Black City
    *Taupe City
    *Magenta Purse
    *Ink Purse
    *Blueberry Small Compagnon
    *Blueberry Makeup
    *Cornflower Makeup
    *Pale Pink Makeup (on its way to me)
    *Pale Pink Coin Purse
    *Blue and White Boobies

    I WANT:
    *Calcaire City and more Boobies!
  2. Mine is still very tiny...:flowers:

    *Camel F/W 06 First
    *Cornflower S/S 06 First (is on the way from Bal NY)
    *Navy F/W 05 City

    I WANT...Another City but have not decided yet on the color...maybe another in the blues like Indigo 05, Cornflower 06 or the browns like Caramel 05, new Cafe 07?

    Oh Donna!-So you got your Taupe 05 City in hand? Post pics please!!! And your daugher IS very pretty... Is she a model?
  3. My collection is much smaller but growing quickly, since I picked up the Balenciaga bug in September.

    *Blueberry City
    *Magenta Purse
    *Bordeaux Shoulder (on its way)
    *Gray Boobie (on its way)

    I have a Sapin day on hold at NM that I may buy next week. Not sure if I should wait until S/S 07 comes out though. Decisions, decisions! :nuts:
  4. Here's my list (sort of embarrassed but what the heck):

    Boxes: Origan, Sapin on the way
    First: Greige, Ice Blue on the way
    Hook: Lilac
    City: Rouge VIF, Bronze
    Day: Ink on the way
    Makeup: White, Ice Blue
    Coin: Black, Ice Blue on the way
    Boobie: Ice Blue
    Shoulder: Gray
    Twiggy: Cornflower

    By the way, I have almost divested myself of all of my other bags in order to buy my BBags. Even my Gucci Blondies had to go.
  5. My pathetic little collection so far: :angel:

    -black First
    -rouge vif City
    -dolma City

    I'm hoping to get these in 2007: black City, new seafoam Twiggy, anthracite First, and cobalt City. :supacool:
  6. my tiny tiny collection:

    INk city
    Metallic orange mini twiggy..
  7. My collection is in a constant state of flux, so better not to even bother listing it as it will change within a few days:lol:
    WANTS: Flat Brass First in dark colour, '05 Caramel Work...
  8. First (does not look that great on me :sad:) : FW06 white, 05 rouge theatre, 05 turquoise
    City (looks worse than First on me :crybaby:): 06 grenat, 04 eggplant
    Twiggy (looks great on me :yahoo:): 06 blue india, 06 greige, 04 rose
    Box (:yes:): 06 ink, 06 pale rose
    Mini Twiggy (small): 05 teal
    Mini Twiggy (large): 05 bordeaux, 05 olive
    Mini Classique: 04 marigold, 04 anis, 04 lilac, 04 rose, 04 eggplant

    Covet: 05 caramel Day (might get FW06 camel eventually)
    Used to covet: 04 eggplant Purse (but found that the Purse style looks bad on me :confused1:)

    Thinking about: 06 grenat Day, 05 Indigo Day, 07 Bleu Glacier Box/Twiggy, 07 Cobalt Box/Day, Brief

    Collection's about complete! :wlae:
  9. grey twiggy
    bordeaux first
    camel day

    want a work in black and the brief without the giant hardware!!!
  10. Ink first
    City in Black and Dolma
    Rouge Vif twiggy
    Blueberry and grenat Day

    At least one of these will be finding a new home soon though, so I can get somethingin the new spring green. I love them all -- but some are trickier to wear than others.
  11. :love:
    black city 06
    turq first 05 - DREAM BAG :love:
    rouge vif city 06
    cornflower twiggy 06
    white first 06

    and more to come... :graucho: 'coz you can't just have ONE b-bag!
  12. :love: :love:
    Calcaire City
    Rouge vif City
    Black City
    White 05 Work
    Greige Mini Bowling
    White 04 Mini Coin Purse
    Black and Calcaire Coin Purse
    Ink Oval
    :love: :love:

    Need to sell at least one and i want to buy:
    A brief maybe the one of the pic in ateliernaff..
    A twiggy in marine
  13. everyone has such nice bags!

    ROXANE! Unless you have 2 heads and 3 arms, I'm sure all your bags look wonderful on you...silly girl! I personally cant pull off the First or Box. Too small for me. I'm too tall for them I think. Lord knows I've tried!

    HELEN! hmmm, you just arent gonna tell us what other bags you have coming are you? cant ya give us a wee little hint at least?

    TIRAMISU: Thank you, she's has modeled in the past for local places, like Tillys, Billabong, Hurley, etc. And many Figure Skating dress companies (she was a high level Figure Skater for years) But its not something that really interests her. She takes my breath away everyday.
  14. So far :P :
    - SS06 Emerauld First
    - SS06 Cornfower First
    - SS06 Ink Purse
    - F06 Truffle Day
    - F06 Rouge Vif City
    - F06 Grenat Work

    And on the way :

    Ink Work
    and a new Black City :supacool: (sold the previous one)
  15. Mine 'updated' - right now here are :yes: :

    '04 cities in Lilac, Turquoise
    '05 day/hobos in Bubblegum-pink, Apple-green
    '05 mini twiggy in Turquoise (I'm just selling this ... coz I'll get a City next week!!!)
    '06 purse Rouge Vif

    '05 mini coin purse in Sky-blue
    '05 shoebag in Teal
    '06 coin purse in Cornflower
    '06 shoulder in Black

    Will get next week:
    '05 city in Turquoise
    '05 twiggy in Teal (will re-sell this coz I'll get a day/hobo instead)
    '05 day/hobo in Teal

    I hope to get (?):
    '04 purse in Marron (hopefully, crossing fingers ;) !!!)