So what's in the orange boxes?

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  1. My second visit to Hermes in Palm Beach was even better than the first! The SA recognized me and was extremely helpful. I chose the first item (soon to be revealed), then looked at ties for my dad. Gorgeous! I think I'm going to get him one for Father's Day :nuts: I'd love to get one for the BF, but he'd rather have an XBOX 360 game ;)

    I asked about the second item (also soon to be revealed). I made my choice, but then looked at the jewelry and saw this TDF horn and enamel necklace on a brown leather cord. If anyone has seen these, you will know what I am talking about. Absolutely beautiful - the necklace was a large circle, with half of it being natural horn and the other half enamel. One necklace had green enamel, the other a beautiful turquoise. I tried on the green one, but decided to not get it - couldn't spend too much at once ;)

    The SA who helped me was extremely nice and went above and beyond with customer service! She and I talked for a half hour or more, and when she read my name on the debit card (my name is spelled the Spanish way, as is my last name) asked where I was from in Spanish. She's from Mexico, and I'm Cuban - we talked for a while about how important it is to be bilingual, especially here in South Florida, etc. When she told me to come back anytime, of course I said I would :graucho: It was a great experience!

    So, onto what you all are really here for, the pictures!


  2. Okay, this is mean. I am in an airport and am waiting for my flight which means I will not be logging on again for hours unless you hurry . . .please? Pretty please? I am speculating already here!
  3. P1010003.JPG

    :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  4. Heh, I suck at my first Hermes striptease :P Someone kill the lights and play music, please.

    I should mention that I saw four beautiful Kellys there. Black, orange, brown and red :nuts:

    Onto the big reveal - the Ulysse agenda MM in chartreuse and a fruit keychain, the orange! :wlae:



  5. gorgeous! love the green of the agenda with the orange:heart:
  6. You do not suck - you allow the woman in the airport lounge to catch her flight knowing smiling because she had time to see your gorgeous goodies! They are divine - love the agenda - thanks for sharing before British Airways get me!
  7. Lovely, congrats!
  8. Cristina--That's perfect for spring and summer.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes the packaging
    just as much as what's inside of them. :smile:
  9. Thanks, everyone! :nuts: Here are some shots of the orange keychain on my Prada hobo, which I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I took these pictures very quickly at work :shame: I'm in love! I can't stop staring at my new goodies. And I'm excited to go back later next month and get the tie for my dad, and probably pick up that horn and enamel necklace! :drool:


  10. i love the colorful keychains on a white bag! looks cute.
  11. Congrats! Your goodies are fabulous!
  12. Very cute!

    Nothing says Florida like oranges, right? Love it!
  13. Christina ~ what excellent choices.
  14. That's why I chose it! ;) It was a between the orange and the apple - orange won, hands down :nuts:

    Thanks, everyone! I'm going to use my agenda to take notes instead of my normal spiral-bound notebook. Much cuter ;) I almost bought the larger size, but it's definitely not as portable. I was looking for something that I could write in on the go and at the office.

    Has anyone seen the necklace I was describing? So drool worthy! :drool:
  15. Love them!!! What fantastic colors, and the orange looks fabulous on your Prada! Congratulations girl!!!