So...what's coming up next for Coach?

  1. The downside to all the inside information on TPF is that I'm always wondering what's coming out next...anyone have any insight on the next round of bags from Coach? :smile:
  2. New color of raisin, juniper will be added to the Legacy Line for certain items. The Thompson Line should hit select stores in Late October. A new line of Ergos with turnlocks for the late fall will come I believe sometime in November. For the spring of Next year their will be the Lily Satchel in a smaller version as well as Ergo Pleated hobos for the Spring 2008. I got all this information from my SA.
  3. Smaller Lily, sounds awesome.
  4. New Ergo pleated hobos?? I LOVE the pleated bags from last year! Can't wait for Spring!
  5. :roflmfao: Hmmm...... Seeing this thread right after the "how long is your bag high" just made me chuckle! Apparently the fix is short lived!