So what's been bought so far this year?

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  1. There's been quite a bit of bag buying going on. Thought it would be interesting to catch up on what we've all bought & see if there's any trends.
    So, which Mulberries have you bought since Jan 1 this year?

    Here's mine:
    Magenta Hanover. Lemon Roxy.
  2. Oak Phoebe
    Chocolate Alana..

    and a Chloe Paddy cross body..:shame:
  3. lavender elgin
    printed ledbury
    glove ledbury
    butterfly bays ( for a gift not for me)
    oak antony
    nearly had magenta hanover
    not going to admit to anymore thank goodness for outlet thats all i can say
  4. is that all sj? xx
  5. decided against the joel in teal it was too much faffing/expense to get the strap changed etc i loved the colour. the across body bags by radley this season one of the shades is teal so i settled for that for the style and colour i so wish mulberry would do a teal/turquoise antony i would be first in the q xx
  6. Oak Annie and Seville Jody
  7. Since January 1st, my Mulberry purchases have been as follows:

    Navy pleated Poppy; vanilla Roxanne; black Mini Mabel; Oak zip purse; enamel chocolate Bayswater keyring; seahorse keyring plus a wool scarf that I bought on eBay and don't like very much. Will be going back on eBay at some point, methinks :lol:

    I've sold blush Ayler; olive Phoebe; green Joni :yes:
  8. Hmmm.... I need to catch up fast !!!

    Can`t find anything I really like.....maybe I should get a roxy too!!

    Since my christmas buys bought nothing apart from a nappa pale pink purse.

    ( and a chloe bag )

    I reckon Chaz must win on this thread !!!
  9. ^^^^ I wonder if Chaz will dare to post :nuts::nuts:
  10. Oh, I forgot about the kitty keyring and oak purse wallet!!

    Where are you Chaz????
  11. ^^^^^ Polishing all her new bags :nuts: !!!
  12. Tara - almost spit my coffee out!!! You are too funny!!!!
    She's probably passed out from all the collonil she's had to use!!!:wtf::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Come back Chaz..........................tell us what you have bought :graucho:
  14. Well so far this year I've bought a black Antony! (and 2 Orla Keily's!) In the market for a purse in May and possibly a phoebe!
    I've lost count of what Chaz has bought, and SJ maybe you should list everything you've bought and returned!!!!!
  15. I bought my first mulberry, smithfield
    small soho