So What's a Good SECOND First?

  1. Okay, I have a black First, and I'm well and truly hooked. So, what is a good SECOND color? I want something basic, that I can wear as a more or less neutral. I rarely wear brown, so that's out, and I positively won't buy a white bag, but in the Bal world that leaves a LOT of room. So, what should I get for my second bag? All thoughts are appreciated. I'm dying to buy my next one!:drool:
  2. how about red?
  3. red sounds nice...
  4. I would say Red if you are getting it now. Otherwise I would wait and get Ocean or Violet.
  5. the new fall red!! does ivory count as white?
  6. How about Bleu Glacier or Sandstone? Both gorgeous, both neutral and I think both on eBay right now under "hgbags"
  7. I only have a First in black and I'm planning on getting the new tomato red First. So how about a RED one for your 2nd First?
  8. what about grenat!
  9. Bordeaux/grenat or maybe Vert Gazon are great colors....or else Blue India is my fav one too....:smile:
  10. A gorgeous blue or red would be a great follow-up
  11. A Red First is a must for any collection I think and it will add "pop" to your wardobe :yes:

    Or a nice paler neutral like Natural......
  12. Gads, I like ALL of your ideas. I'll let you all know what I do. Thanks!