So whatcha doing today?

  1. My favorite professor is visiting Chicago from California, so she's taking me out to breakfast! Then heading back to the job I love but am leaving for a better one (got an offer yesterday, wahoo!) from noon until 5:00 pm... then going to dinner with SO's parents who also flew in from CA.

    I hope you ladies are having equally wonderful days! :cutesy:
  2. I'm hoping to getting my car's oil changed and head out to SCP for some shopping, dinner, & drinks!
  3. Sharing food with your favorite people and heading out to a job you love? Lucky ducky!

    I'm studying for my Chemistry midterm, which I may or may not write, depending on how the next two days go. (If I forfeit the test, the extra marks will be weighed on my big!midterm in December.) I might do some shopping online and/or take a bubble bath tonight, if I've got the time.

    In half an hour, I'll be heading to my favorite class. My professor's a cutie-bum!
  4. Intlset, sounds like you are having a great day. I wish mine was more exciting. I'm working. Beyond that I have no plans.
  5. Wow! Your going to have one great day today!!
    My day is real exciting! Taking my daughter to the ortho and hmmmmm.......lets see, probably cleaning house:yahoo: :shame:
  6. Just chilling at home with my husband ;) He's playing a game and I'm watchin..
    will watch a movie in a while.
  7. Sitting here praying that I don't get pink eye. Other than that, the usual.
  8. Try to be productive and get some studying done!
  9. I am:
    1-finishing up some homework (yuck!!)
    2-going to the gym
    3-going to the salon to get my hair blown out because....
    4-my fiancee and I are going to the LV VIP party tonight!!!!

  10. I just finished eating lunch, now I'm going to take a walk to Borders & use the holiday account money I've saved up through the year to buy some books, then I'll come back to work (boo) and maybe go see Borat tonight!
  11. My day is just like any other day of the week...
    more computer staring...
    DH and kids...:rolleyes:
  12. working..can't say i love my job, but it's not too bad. went to my fav boutique at lunch and my SA invited me to drinks and a fashion show tomorrow night, so planning out what to wear, very fun! getting my toes done tonight and watching some tv.
  13. Working as usual, then probably going to costco to put gas, pick-up some canned goods for a food drive and a couple toys to donate to toy's for tots. OH and some avocado's so my BF can make his yummy breakfast burritos for dinner!
  14. i need to clean the kitchen and finish a few loads of laundry (and mrsjimmyh just reminded me that i really need to get my oil changed), but i'm being lazy. other than that, i have some CSI coming from netflix today that i hope gets here before i have to go to work tonight. oh what an exciting life i lead. :smile:
  15. I woke up at 11:30 because I didn't have classes.
    I ate breakfast grilled cheese sandwhich, yogart, a milano cookie and coffee. I am watching Rachel Roy 30 minute meals.
    I will go visit my grandmother.
    Then I will go to Jersey because I am in NY right now.
    I have two exams tomorrow so I WILL TRY to study.
    The weather here is so bad I don't want to get out of bed.:sleepy: