So what will your next Coach purchase be?

  1. What item are you currently eyeing? :graucho:
  2. The Whole Catalog........Of course I will have to choose, but it is so hard to do.
  3. The small ergo tote in turquoise! There are a couple of accessories I like too, like the pear soho wristlet and the cute little sandal/slide key fob!
  4. I really really really want a Soho Leather satchel in Camel, and of course a matching wallet. But I gotta put that on hold cuz last week my doggy Buster had an ear infection, so his ears had to be flushed under anesthesia, and the bill came to $447!! (well that includes all his antibiotics, anesthesia, blood work, and teeth cleaning). I asked my mom to pay for it but she said that if I can afford a $500 purse then I can surely afford to take care of my dog. :sad: Oh well, I guess I'll just wait for the next PCE
  5. I would like some wedges. :smile:
  6. I can't wait to get the new catalog, I hope it comes soon! I like the looks of all of the pretty greens, I want SOMETHING green. :smile:
  7. Aww so sorry about your pup Cameelio!!

    Right now, just the small turquoise ergo tote, although I'm sure it will be MUCH MUCH more when I get the new catalog in person :graucho: I'll probably have to wait for the next PCE to get anything else though, I've had other expenses as well.
  8. I want the perfume, a green siganture bag, a demi Carly and the light blue signature hobo.
  9. I've got a Signature Stripe tote and wallet in black/white on it's way to me as well as the patent leather green coin purse.

    And on my list is the Large Carly in Khaki/Angora and perhaps one of the turquoise Ergo bags.
  10. The perfume, one of the yellow bags, something in green, and a bunch of accessories......
  11. Ergo in some color (can't decide) and the perfume.
  12. My next purchases will be the Ergo white leather hobo and the Ergo Cross
    Body Bag. I am thinking of getting the Ergo Large tote in Camel or black as well. I just love the Ergo Collection, in my opinion it really is the best and I want at least one of each bag.:supacool:
  13. The perfume & Soho signature satchel in Pear!! Oh, and some accessories.
  14. Shamefully,

    I want a patchwork 07 tote . . . and the BAM keychains and cute (semi-circle) coin purses in the new catalog.
  15. Perfume and a new pair of sunglasses.