So what were your last minute PCE purchases yesterday?

  1. I was VERY proud of myself. I just bought 2 metallic heart charms for my daughter and I.

    The SA there said the next event will be at the end of the year.

    Start saving girls!
  2. I bought the red patent ergo hobo yesterday on PCE, but it was sort of an accidental PCE purchase. I scooted over to the boutique as fast as I could to get her and bring her home because I had read the thread that said they were quickly selling out, and I had wanted her for the LONGEST. Sure enough, I got the display model because the boutique wasn't showing any more in JAX, and the display was all that was left in the boutique (they apparently only got 3 in stock in the first place!). I actually didn't even know it was the last day of PCE, since I had already made my intended PCE purchases and wasn't keeping up with the PCE thread as well as I had been, but they gave me the discount. Kind of ironic, I thought, since they wouldn't let me order that exact same bag when I made my first PCE buy, because it technically hadn't been released yet!
  3. whoot whoot! lol

    i stayed FAR away for the end of PCE.. i overspent long before they ended it!

    Can't wait to see everyone's last minute goodies though!
  4. I purchased the 4x7 legacy stripe agenda and the legacy signature khaki/ebony coin purse!! :yahoo:All I can say is Thank god it is July 1st and PCE is over...not that I didn't have fun though!!
    Good to know that the next PCE is towards the end of the year...I can pay down my CC and I'll ask for lots of Coach giftcards for Christmas!!
  5. I was GOING TO order the Legacy Stripe Heart Key Fob and Legacy Stripe 4x7 Agenda, but I was a GOOD GIRL!! I stayed was extremely difficult to do but I did it!:sweatdrop: I figure I will wait until my birthday (in October) and see what I can get'll be more "special" that way. :tup: I just hope they are still available then. We'll see...
    So...if we ordered a good bit during THIS PCE, will those purchases count towards getting invited to the next one???
  6. Purse-O-Nality, I've heard that they do! And I got an invite (albeit a very LATE one) to this last PCE, when the only thing I had ever bought from the boutique at that time was the signature stripe satchel maybe a month before. I wasn't expecting one at all. I've bought quite a bit more than that in the last month, so I'd sure better be getting an invite to the next one!
  7. I ordered a white ali!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I TRIED to be a good girl:roflmfao: That just didn't go over to well...
  8. I put in a last minute order - Whiskey Ali, frog key fob, striped legacy framed wallet, black signature stripe large cosmetics case. Whew - I am glad June & PCE is over. It was an expensive month.
  9. That would be SO GREAT!! Maybe I will get an invite since I've made really good friends with the Manager & SAs at the newer Boutique in town (plus I bought three bags & accessories during THIS PCE)!!!! They are SO NICE THERE - that's the one who told me I should apply for a job there! :tup:
  10. What is the khaki/ebony coin purse???
  11. I had this big long list when I went in on Tues. My SA wasn't there. Then I did a poll here on the bag I was thinking of buying.

    Then I just decided I had spent too much $$$ so I waitied.

    I posted what I got Friday. Got a few little things & the red ergo hobo and a legacy Fr wallet. Also got a briefcase strap that I usually have to pay $48 plus shipping for.

    All in all I did pretty well and also controlled my spending.
  12. A legacy stripe slim envelope wallet and the new heels from the back of the new catalog (can't remember name right now), they look like high heel Mary Janes. I got those in black. I almost ordered the Hamptons Vintage Leather Satchel/Carryall, but decided I didn't like the closure, so didn't.
  13. black patent ergo, chelsea mineral wristlet, & chain coin fob, all ordered, so I will see them sometime this week.

    I'm still on the fence about the wristlet, kinda wish I would of just got the bag.
  14. i went out friday nite and wandered into the coach store with a friend...the patent leather red ergo hobo was just gorgeous and SO lightweight...i asked them to hold it for me for a day (i always like to think on something for 24 hours...)so i went back yesterday and after SA had rung up the sale, i asked when the next pce was...she said "today is the last day!" i told her i was never notified about it and she looked me up in her system and i got 25% off my new ergo...made it THAT much sweeter!!!! hope you all have a great day!
  15. Now everyone's probably having PCE "hangovers" :tispy:
    Anyways, I went to the outlet yesterday, so no last minute PCE for me, too dangerous to go in the boutique!