so what to pick for new wallet?

  1. :heart: Should i get MC or just normal canvas Mono or damier. I like Mc alot but i'm scared it wouldnt be very durable. anyone has a MC wallet?? thanks
  2. i'd go with either Monogram or Damier; they go with everything :yes:. and they're much easier to take care of
  3. Get what you love! Which one is your favorite?
  4. damier koala!
  5. damier koala!
  6. another vote for the damier koala!! =)
  7. Koala in either Damier or Mono!
  8. I would go with Damier or Mono...or maybe something Epi!
  9. MC Koala !! :devil:

    But it's all up to you - I'd definitely go with a koala because of sheer cc capacity !
  10. Damier
  11. If you want a totally worry-free, easy-to-take-care-of wallet, then Mono or Damier would be your best bet.

    I own white MC wallets and they're in excellent condition. However, keep in mind that because of the MC print, I take care of them very carefully to begin with.
  12. I would say damier or mono koala!
  13. I have a white MC PTI and it's very durable and it doesn't get dirty easily.
  14. I agree with michelle the MC PTI doesn't get dirty even if it's white
  15. Since it's white many people just assume it's sensitive and or needs special care. It's just as easy to care for as Mono.