So what shall be next...?

  1. I can"t believe that I just received my ink work which is sitting right by my side now ,and I'm already thinking of what "needs" to come next.
    But I think my new baby really needs a little sister!

    So since I finally didn't get the Tod's (just looked to boring next to the b).
    I plan on getting a city next month.

    So here is my "problem":

    I really really love the rouge theater but that's meens ebay, probably buying from US, maybe taxes grhhh etc.
    And I'm really scared what ebay is concerned (stolen pics stuff etc.)

    The other option is grenat/bordeaux. I know of one still in a shop a few hours drive away.

    And there is also one greige still available in my local shop.

    Hmmmm ?
  2. It's OK catcat, the SAME day I bought my first Bbag, I was already plotting the next one. This was about 2 weeks ago and I have been on the hunt locally for a black city, but the 2 I have seen so far hda terrible leather, so I am waiting.
  3. Go for the greige... It's such an easy colour to wear! I use mine practically every single day! =)
  4. I'd go for grenat:yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or if you like Rouge (but not fond of e-bay),
    you'll maybe can find a Rouge Vif in store :graucho: !!!
  5. Rouge vif or Greige..i have both and i love them so much!
  6. I can find a rouge vif but I'm just not that fond of the color I fear it's a little too loud for me.
    Now all the rouge vif threads look great...

    Grenat seems a little too brownish, greige too light...?
    Grrrh, I really don't know!
  7. Ohhh poor girl catcat - I absolutely understand your 'situation' :yes: !! If you already have a dark color (ink) I would go for a lighter one - greige seems to matching with everything ?! But if you don't like it .... hhhmmmmm - I think that ebay is the only option to get an 'older' bbag in good condition and in a discontinued color maybe ? We all could help to clear if the auction is authentic aso.!
  8. Did you see the Griege IRL yet?
    I didn't like it online but absolutely loved it when I saw it at Barney's:yes:

    I liked the Rouge Vif IRL also but personally it was too loud for me wear.

  9. Consider Camel, matches everything, looks good in summer too and pops against dark clothing in winter. I was hesitant but definitely not regretting it.
  10. Hmmm... I have the greige, grenat, camel, sapin, rouge VIF & Truffe colors from F '06. Out of all of those colors my two favorites are the Rouge VIF (and I also am not a 'bright color' Bbag person but this color is just beautiful) and surprisingly the Greige (it pops against denim, black, dark brown, amethyst, some pink tones, olives, etc...). They are all beautiful colors though so you have a difficult decision ahead of you. Good luck!
  11. Thanks ladies for taking some time to help me making up my mind.

    It seems like there being few of you who actually like grenat, that's intresting.

    I will keep watching ebay to see if I can find a "safe" auction for the 05 red.

    I will check out griege next week , I love it on the pics, if I want to see rouge vif IRL I would have to travel a couple of hours so I think this might not be possible right now.

    My hubby loves the color, funny. He's into brighter colors.

    bal newbie I saw the camel in the first size it's a very nice and warm color but it's not really what I would want right now.

    I'm still pretty confused as you can see.
  12. Considering you already have that ink, = dark, I go for something either light, or for a totally different color that actually is a real color. This is the concept if I think about how to optimize your bag resourses.

    Having to apply that concept to reality I would either go for greige, camel or white (but think about dirt, that depends on you), or for the real color option I would go for rouge vif, which I thought was too lound at the beginning, but then the shop got a second shipping and the color was a bit different, deeper, and I love it.

    Another option that I wouldn't refuse à priori would be waiting for the first shippings of the new supper colors. This means waiting for a couple of months, but it might be worth it if you really can't take a decision.

    I personally don't usually like bordeaux as a color, so I don't like grenat. But that's just me.
  13. I understand perfectly. My first ever BBag is only one day old and already I'm thinking I need to have another one. As mine is Taupe, I'm going for a brighter color this time. Possibly the new Rouge Vermillion color even! I'm also in love with the blues..........:confused1: I love these bags!!
  14. What is it about these bags? I think this forum also seriously feeds the addiction. This is the only bag that I have ever thought about getting the same bag in another color. I usually get bored really easily with them quickly. I am like you, I am already scheming for my next one.

  15. Thanks for the great advice, right now I'm down to greige and maybe rouge vif (I'm just too suspicious of ebay and actually prefer new bags).
    I think the springcolors will not be out here that soon and I really want a city before that so...

    Trama do you have a pic of your rouge vif so I can get an idea of what you meen by a deeper shade ?