So what purchase made you happiest in 2007?

  1. It doesn't have to be your favorite bag, but what purchase made you happiest and why?

    Mine is my Gryson Olivia in black leather - I haven't stopped using it since I got it, I didn't realize how much I'd love it. Plus, I got it for only $470 and used money fronm eBay sales, so it was "free"! lol

    I thought it would be my Neverfull, but nope!
  2. Too tough a question, but maybe my vert gazon (grass green) Balenciaga classique. Love that bag!
  3. Chanel Union Jack flap as its totally fun and quirky looking, also the fact that it was limited edition (not sure how many were made)
  4. Although I love my 3 Bulga Bags (chocolate multipocket), and orange and purple studded satchels with tassels, my favorite for 2007 is my Mulberry Brynmawr shoulder bag in brown suede and dark brown sheepskin with brown leather and gold tone metal accents. The bag is large, stylish and classy. I just purchased it along with the large black embossed leather weekender tote at the Mulberry sample sale, and have already received many compliments. Added bonus: It goes great with my winter coat and my reversible winter jacket in sheared mink on one side and tan with mink edging and collar on the other side.
  5. My mottled gold Belen Echandia bag. Everything from the great customer service, to the bag itself made me very happy. It's definately a bag that not everyone would be carrying around and i felt like I was buying a really great art piece. The quality of the leather and the details are to die for! This was a recent purchase so I didn't have the chance to carry it around as often but i'm sure that in 2008-it will be the only bag that i will be using, or maybe i should put it on display and just admire it lol.
  6. I think my favorite purchase of 2007 is my Belen Echandia Love Me in Dark Grey...the leather is amazing, the lining is gorgeous and it's an extremely practical bag.
    be1 (Large).JPG be2 (Large).JPG
  7. My Chanels :love:
  8. LV St jacquez in borneo green
  9. I am debating which made me the happiest. I can't decide if it was my Neverfull PM or the new TAG Heuer that I just got on Tuesday. I didn't count the David Yurman jewelry or the Pomme Inclusion Bracelet that DBF bought me. I am only thinking of things I bought myself.

    Of course, I did buy DBF a Damier Brazza wallet. Sometimes it's better to give than receive.
  10. If we are talking handbags then my Black MC Speedy!!
  11. My hermes BB in bright pink. It has made my hermes collection, I now have, Pink, Orange and black!:biggrin:
  12. My Gryson Tutu in Cerise. I wanted ths bag from the moment I saw it and haven't regretted it.
  13. I think my LV mini lin in ebene is gorgeous ... but I will be opening a speedy azur 30 for Christmas so I think it's a tie!
  14. my LV zippy's *still* one of the best purchases I've made for 2007!
  15. My L.A.M.B. Lipstick mandeville :love: I love it so much i want to buy a backup in case anything happens to it lol!