So what mini skinny???

  1. So I am thinking I need a mini skinny. It is a need right? So do you try and match your mini skinny to your purse? Right now I am carrying the shoulder in whiskey. What would go with that.
    What color is your favorite mini skinny??? The two that I love right now are the optic in pink and the patent . Sadly they are both no longer available and I have no outlet near me :sad:

    So what is a good first mini skinny???
  2. How about a basic khaki signature skinny? That would pretty much go with everything, including the whiskey shoulder. Ooooh, or you could wait for some of the really cute new coin purses coming out this spring. There were some patent kiss-lock ones, and also a flower one. They were in the pics that were posted from the new catalogue. I'm not sure how big they are, though (e.g. whether they'd hold cards).

    Coach did make some Legacy skinnies but I don't think they were widely available. Someone on here has one and posted pics. Anyway, you might be able to find one on eBay. I seem to remember it was a little bigger than a regular skinny and had a little flap pocket.

    I don't bother matching my skinny to my purse mostly because I'd need too many of them! Plus, I'm too lazy to switch my cards around all the time. So right now I've just got a black sig one that I use with all my bags. I keep meaning to pick up a khaki one but haven't got around to it.

    Edited to add: Oops, Coachlover suggested the same ones while I was writing this!
  3. I would wait for some of the fun new ones, and also get a basic one as the girls suggested above, to go with everything. Post pics when you get one!
  4. I would go bright, I am looking for a fun color for my whiskey zip I am just using my black wristlet in it right now.
  5. ^ I agree. I'd get a bright or metallic one so that way when I'm digging through my purse I can find it easily :smile:
  6. Oh thanks for all of the ideas ladies. I just started my coach collection- thanks to this board.
    The bags I have are:
    ~shoulder in whiskey
    ~optic swing pack in khaki
    ~Holiday swing pack I think 2005 with the purple
    ~light tan leather with rhinestones
    ~ signature hobo with chocolate leather trim

    I also have the french purse wallet in whiskey that I use in all of the bags. So I guess the skinny mini should match that.

    Thanks for all of the ideas.
  7. I'm carrying a Whiskey shoulder bag as well and I'm using the signature stripe mini skinny in punch. The pink stripe almost matches the pink legacy stripes inside the shoulder bag.
  8. Sounds like a great collection. Any pictures?
  9. I agree.
  10. Um, sadly I do not know how to do that. And my teenage niece (aka tech support) is in London.
  11. I'm hoping they come out with a pear one that looks like the pear soho wristlet in the catalog! That'd be really pretty with the whiskey leather!

    I don't match my bag and my skinnies personally. I match my accessories and then my accessories complement my bag. I'd go crazy trying to match them all!

    I like accessories in signature too rather than on my bags. My favorite skinnies right now are my khaki w/ gold trim and my signature punch ones!
  12. I would buy one in a fun color, that way it will look cute with anything. I bought this gold one and absolutely love it. It looks great with everything. I would recommend it if you can still find it. For everyday, I use a large wallet, but I use the mini skinny when I use any of my smaller purses.

    Coach Gold Wristlet.JPG
  13. I think legacy wristlet is a better buy than a mini skinny. I have it in Whiskey and it goes well with everything. If you put a cute charm, such as the clover (or your zodiac sign), you can use it as a clutch. Very practical! As far as I am concerned, Mini skinny has to be carried in a purse, but wristlets can be both carried in a purse or just by itself. Also, legacy leather is much better quality than any other leather pieces I own, so it definitely is worth the money!
  14. That's the one I want to get too. I love that! I ended up getting the tote and wristlet in it, but am thinking I should have gotten the mini-skinny instead. Oh well.