So...what kind of wallet do you carry?

  1. For all of you ladies with beautiful Kooba bags, what kind of wallet do you carry? Will Kooba ever make wallets to match their bags? I have a tendency towards obsessively matching my wallets to my bags...
  2. Me too! For awhile I used a Coach wallet but I recently got great Hype wallet that matches the leather of the Koobas pretty well. So I'm using that one now.
  3. I bought this Brahmin Credit Card Wallet in Toasted Almond on eBay awhile back and love it because it looks like wood grain to me.

    I wear this with all of my bags and will probably never get another wallet, I love it so much. Accessories to matchy match are not my thing.

    I do wish Kooba would make wallets though, it would be interesting to see.
    BrahminWalletFront.jpg BrahminWalletBack.jpg
  4. That's a VERY cool wallet. One of these days I'm going to dig out one of my Brahmin bags, I haven't used them in a long time.

    Sometimes I think I should buy an outrageously expensive wallet like a LV or Prada or Chanel and be done w/wallets forever. I hate changing them.
  5. I use a Marc by Marc Jacobs Luxy Zip Clutch, which I love. I hope Kooba comes out with wallets, though, even if I didn't get one. I'm just curious what their designs would look like.

  6. ohh i wish i had a kooba wallet! they should make them!

    i use the most amazing prada wallet i fell in love with the color and the leather and had to have it and i cant stop using it

    i also bought a coach wallet for when i go on vacation i can zip it into inside pockets so my stuff is safer cause the long wallet doesnt zip into an inside pocket

    either was i am in love with my wallet but if kooba had one i would have to buy it :smile:

  7. I OC would buy a Kooba wallet in a minute. Guess I could get a Zoe and take off the chain...LOL No compartments though.

    I use a zip around Dooney & Bourke wallet. Love it for it's sturdiness and durability. I like the treated canvas. No worry about scratches and scuffs. I am not really into wallets...just as long as I have a good useable one.
  8. I'm not really into wallets either... but Bessie and Lindy yours are completely TDF! Maybe I'll have to venture out a little and look around. If I buy a wallet, it doesn't count as breaking my ban, does it? :devil:

    I only have 2 wallets. The one I'm using right now is a really cute half-size red wallet by United Colors of Benetton, which I bought when I was in Japan. The full-size wallet I use is just a plain brown one from Wilson's Leather circa 1998. It gets the job done, and doesn't show any wear and tear for being used for years... I remember buying a black leather Coach wallet a number of years back, but I returned it the next day because it was so stiff and didn't hold all my stuff.
  9. I have a wallet & a separate checkbook cover in blue buffalo leather from Wilson's..they were a steal (less than $20 for both) and smell divine every time I open them.
  10. I have to admit... I do like to try to coordinate (not necessarily match) my wallet to handbag... at least in size!!
    I have a number of different wallets - but one that I recently found is almost a "dead ringer" match to my NEW NICOLE in Luggage!!!:smile:

    It's called the "Hands Free Indexer"... from Perlina (you can go on their website to see it...
    It is WONDERFUl buttery leather with ID holder, 6 & 14 cc slots,side 2 bill pockets and change holder.... (not too pricey at about $70 considering the LUCIOUS leather)

    It is the kind of wallet that I might imagine Kooba coming up with!!:yes:
  11. Im not a 'wallet switcher'. I have one and I stick to it.
    I have this one by Isabella Fiore [​IMG].
    Probably not to all peoples tastes :lol: but I love the skull and crossbones design so much. I really wanted to get a bag in this design but I dont think that kind of look really matches with my ''31 year old mum of two'' I comprimised and got the wallet.
    When I whip it out to pay for things, people usually comment on it.
  12. haha halzer that wallet is rockin! :smile: i love that you carry it and i bet its a convo piece but thats a great thing!!!

    (my other wallet btw for when i need a smaller one i uploaded a pic, and it matches the color of my coach ergo!)
  13. I carry a long Michael Kors. From looks it would never be my first choice but it just holds everything that I want AND within budget.
  14. I have a lime green Coach wallet that my grandma gave me. I'm not usually a Coach girl but it's a classic, bright-colored wallet that stands out in the bottom of my messy bag and has enough slots and space for everything!
  15. DH bought me this from Gucci last year and I couldn't resist the matching card holder..the leather is very delicate though, so I'm on the lookout for more wallets, last longer if you switch them around a bit (I'm obsessed with wallets as well:rolleyes:)


    Kooba wallet? Yes, please!