so, what is your "I LOVE ME" valentine gift to yourself?!

  1. okay, spill it girlies! what did you buy (or are you buying) for yourself on valentine's?

    and here is my virtual gift to you all (no calories, yay!)

  2. I just got a Cognac Andrea on eBay for $450 or so... Tried a Fatigue but it did not have tags so I wasn't bidding as high as it went...
  3. I'm getting that keychain, the heart scarf, and maybe two perfume pieces. LOL I love myself that much!
  4. I got myself a black legacy bag! lol!
  5. :smile: I ordered the pond & silver bracelet, that should be here next week. Also, I'm getting at least the perfume makeup case whenever they give me a call that they have them in the store...
  6. did you happen to be the one that won that black shoulder bag on eBay?
  7. Well, I've bought alot of stuff for "love yourself with Coach" month but for Valentine's Day I'm hoping to win a signature/gold wristlet on eBay and I might get a wristlet in the punch stripe. I've splurged enough lately that I better behave for a while!

    Thanks, Kallison, for the virtual key fob! LOL!
  8. The black leather Zoe clutch!!! I have it on hold for me at an outlet and I'm picking it up on V-Day! :smile:
  9. It depends on if I get paid this week or not. :sad: If I do though, then I'll be getting myself something at the outlet when I go this weekend.
  10. Well, I've been dropping hints for the past few weeks about the medium Carly to my boyfriend, but I think I'm gonna get the Kara wedges and see about ordering the legacy stripe oblong scarf that was posted in another thread for myself.
  11. I bought myself a Tiffany Co Atlas ring today so I don't think I should be buying myself anymore "love" presents....which is sad bc I've had my eye on the legacy leather wristlet for a while now...
  12. I got myself the outlet heart scarf ... and two LV vernis pieces, haha.
  13. Gold Madison Lurex flap in optic signature.
  14. glad to hear you all are spoiling yourselves!
  15. Here's my :heart:-Day gift to myself. I got it yesterday and I am in lurve.