So what is this ban business?

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  1. I purchased a foresta portatelefono, a l'amore bambinone....

    and then I sweet 115 dollar l'amore campeggio came across shoptokidoki...

    yea really need to not buy things so I CAN MOVE.

    Why is it so infectious. This is seriously like the 1980s crack-cocaine addiction!
  2. grrr! I was just gonna buy that bag off LJ too! :sad: Guess I was just a second too late... *sigh* I guess it's for the best tho - I really WAS trying to find a Ciao.

    Enjoy your new campeggio! That was the steal of the year!
  3. I hear ya'. I've bought 11 Tokidoki bags in the past month! And number 12 is on it's way. But they're just so dang cute! I go into Macy's once a week to see if there's anything new. And I'm scanning eBay constantly for more (although I think I'd only buy from Cozy-Little-Shop and PapaSmurf because I'm just so paranoid to get ripped off).
  4. I'm kinda on a ban again. But.....the shoes.......I found a place that has them O__O.....I still want them but idk.....
  5. You and me both!

    I was on a "ban", and then came along you, finding the op dolce and pirata ciao. ENABLER!
  6. tokidokicouture- sorry!!! I couldn't resist! If I hate it for any one reason I will let you know!

    QueenLouis- there are a few other sellers out there to trust I've been very lucky in my choices, sans the dirty wallet, but she did refund a big portion of the cost and it came clean, so it was win win!

    JessakaMitz- the shoes, I want to see them in person but the pink and gray are lovely.

    Sassafras- you know you wanted that ciao, I didn't force feed it to you! Okay so maybe I sent you the link, and hi-fived you as you bought it.
  7. There was some high fiving, for sure.

    and I did want it. b-a-d
  8. i know! as soon as she sent me the pics, i was writing the email to send me a paypal invoice. but i had LJ open in another window, and saw she had already edited the post.

    Apparently you're the resident deal finder/enabler, so let me know if you find anything else good! :p:tup:

    oh! and my friend has both pairs of the sneakers - they're ADORABLE! (and she has a size 10 shoe and they still look cute!)
  9. congratz on ur sweet deal for campeggio...uh i'm on a ban too...but i broke it too last i know how u trying to be good again...
  10. I will enable gladly!!! Hehe. I try to post good things and given the fact I have THREE things on hold at SH I won't be buying anything else unless it's a corriere, like how I slipped that in... ;)

    I work a lot less this summer so I will most definitely be posting tons!
  11. socprof...i want to see them IRL too..and they made their way onto the island so I'm DYING to see them but ahhh no money!!!
  12. I'm not on a *ban* but after spending so much on my Foresta Zucca last week I'm trying to restrain myself for a little while. I let an almost perfect Lamore Zucca go today on eBay... that was really hard ... I wanted it so bad and it went for under retail....
  13. I really think having one bag in each print is good enough for me...well a bag in each print I LIKE...anyway lol.

  14. i wish i had that strength!!!
  15. ^__^ idk for me it's not's just that for me personally I think it's unnecessary to have alot in the same print unless it's that ONE PRINT that you really love? ya know? LOLz..but that's just for me..haha nothing wrong with others buying alot of bags if they want it and have the means to do it ^__^