so what is the new deal with the mods?

  1. there was that announcement earlier that there would be no more mods, but now it's gone. what is that all about?
  2. Vlad and Megs decided to take over all Mod responsibilities. And oh yeah, they gave me carte blanche to ban anyone I see fit.
  3. ???April Fool?????
  4. really? wow! thanks! I was just curious! and, because you can't tell sarcasm online, did they really give you the power to do that?
  5. Hahahahahahah!!!! Just like deciding to have only 2 posts per page earlier today? That was fun!! haha! Yeah, good thing tomorrow is April 2nd and April Fool's Day will be over! LOL!
  6. Are you kidding? I am drunk with power! meeyoo ha ha ha ha!
  7. (this shouldn't be in the coach forum, btw)

    it was a joke. (a good one, at that!)
  8. drunk with power or just drunk? did i see club bagnshoo open?!
  9. oh yes. and we are allowing "ins" and "outs" tonight with a hand stamp.:yes:
  10. hmmm. are you guys being good tonight? :p
  11. OMG, I totally didn't realize it was April Fool's Day until reading this and I was getting all irritated with the two posts per page and didn't really give it a second thought when it was back to normal. Whew, looks like I need a drink too! :smash:
  12. oh man, i'm dumb! I totally forgot about april fools! the two posts per page thing was driving me nuts! grr...i'm slow...boooo
  13. of course not.
  14. i definitely need a drink, I feel like a moron!
  15. i should have who's the drunkest? lol.

    i could have totally used a few drinks tonight...darn.