So what is the deal on Sabrina?

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  1. Coming back or not? I've heard various things. but the SA at the outlet and at the FP store in Buffalo told me that she's not coming back! I hope she's wrong about that!

    I was told that the Audrey and the Brooke were going to be the "little sisters" completely taking over.
  2. I don't know about Brooke, but Audrey is the replacement for Sabrina, and Claire is the replacement for Julianne.

    You have to think, they can only do the same back in so many color/hw combos before it's overkill. Plus, Sabrina had a good two year run didn't she? So the best place for Sabrina would be eBay!
  3. ^^Yeah, I thought that her saying Brooke was a bit off too.
  4. Sabrina is on the Japan site so there are rumors of coming back. Officially we don't know that she is though. Just because she's on the Japan site doesn't mean we'll get her in the US. We've been trying to find out at our store for a month, but even our DM doesn't know (or isn't telling).

    As for Brooke.... We had Carly, then we had Zoe, now we have Brooke. She'll probably be around for awhile, but it's a style they continue to re-do.
  5. I'am just Thankful that I got my 2 Sabrina's..To me, Sabrina will always be a Timeless Classic...But Louislover is right, there is only so many ways they can change a bag up...Congrat's on getting yours before they are completly Gone....;)
  6. I'm so glad that I did! I saw a chocolate brown one, I fell in love. BUT Now that I have the amythest, I can't help but love it more!
  7. Yep, I have to agree on the styles you have mentioned...The Brooke is a remake of the Zoe's and Carly's...Out of the 3 I say my fav. is now my Large Zoe and I'am Thankful I grabbed both, my medium black siggy and my lg. khaki siggy...Those are a style that will never be forgotten as well..The siggy carly's had too many fraying issues and the Zoe was made with the leather trim so that would not happen...:smile:
  8. I like the one you chose better, because it is more feminine and more so different!!!!
  9. I hear ya sister!

    I've been stalking the net to try and find SOMETHING on it ... it's like, just give me an answer either way - so I can know there is hope or try and get over Sabrina and ... move on to finding her @ outlets ;)
  10. *sigh* ...just when i started wanting one...:cry:
  11. :sad: I never got a a Sabrina either. I ended up with two Audreys instead. Maybe Ill check out a little hesitant to buy from there though, Ive heard some bad things.

    I wish they would bring back Ergo!!!
  12. Didn't Brooke replace Zoe who replaced Carly? :smile:

    I am still wishing and dreaming Sabrina comes back...
  13. AHHH i was just starting to like sabrina! i LOVVVE the steel color! :love:

    i usually go for structured bags, but i am starting to come around to her. the only thing i don't like is the shoulder strap - that is removable, correct? i carry my bags in the crook of my arm.
  14. The Sabrina is still available in some colors, mostly silver/black. The strap does indeed come off. I have had the cranberry and black in large and the 1st (orange/grey) graphic op art in the smaller size.
  15. I want a black one sooo bad :sad: