so what is or was 4 lunch today

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  1. AM having white rice with general tso shrimp ( leftover from last night )

    Yummy cant wait for lunch a half hour to go
  2. pita chips and gummy bears
  3. baked ziti with mango snapple.
  4. Lean Cuisine and a bag of chips....need to lay off chips.
  5. i hate cream of broccoli soup with brown rice and chicken mixed in - one of my favorite lunches!
  6. Oh my god.. I've forgotten to eat. I hate it when this happens !!
  7. Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich with no lettus, no tomato, and hot banana peppers added from Penn Station. Ooo was it yummy.
  8. An open-faced grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with garlic salt.
  9. I had a chicken salad sandwich on a wheat wrap with some potato chips and a diet lipton ice tea.
  10. Leftovers: Penne Ala Vodka, and roasted cauliflower and carrots... :nuts:
  11. I had Thai chicken drunken noodles
  12. for breakfast and lunch was a slice of leftover pizza. Now I'm munching on those pretzels again.
  13. Greek salad with greek dressing and garlic and cheese croutons, a plum and caramel sugar free jello cup :nuts:
  14. Small Chef Salad and Tab Energy Drink.

  15. Yesterday's leftover spinach ravioli and chips.