So what is on your POST-Holiday list?

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  1. I know that everyone has posted what they want for Xmas/holidays, but what do you want in the New Year??


    *White MC Pouchette GM
    *White Epi Speedy 30 (when it comes out!!)
    *White MC Bandeau
  2. some of this was supposed to be graduation/birthday/xmas list but because i decided i didn't need them yet i guess they'll just rollover to the new year :P

    Suhali L'Ingenieux PM (black)
    Embossed Polly
    Damier Pegase 60 or 70
    Damier Sac Plat (probably if/when i get a job)
  3. ^oooooh those sound beautiful!!

    Happy early birthaygraduationmas!!!! LOL
  4. - Mono papillion 26 or Popincourt Haut have not decided which one yet
    - Porte Monnaie Rond- I think thats how you spell it, one of those round coin purses.
    - Keepall 45 or 50-----> In my dreams!

    I try to limit myself to 2-3 a year.
  5. i love the white bag in the scarlet ad, the metallic lace, a mono cles, pastilles and an azur saleya.

    oh and lv shoes
  6. My lists are neverending... hehehe maybe even too long to list.
  7. My post holiday list:

  8. ^LOL is that a new LV style?!?!!
  9. Slow down on the bags...

    check out the shoes and accessoies, maybe a piece of jewelry from the empreinte collection... most likely a ring...

    perhaps do the unthinkable and buy other brands too!?!?!?!?!
  10. ^^^What?!?!? You are going to cheat on LV??!!? LOL
  11. Non-LV things that I want are:

    *Chanel classic jumbo flap (black with silver hardware)
    *Gucci large horsebit hobo
  12. well i want gucci shoes, 3 pairs = 1200 but then i always say "oh well i can get 3 pairs at lv for that price or right around it" so i would end up going there lol... well my friend MIGHT be able to get me 360 off due to his discount, I am not saying where he works so it doesnt matter! lol

    then i would like some more designer jeans and tees that I have totally missed out on and sacraficed for LV!!!
  13. My wardrobe is in the pitts right now lol I think, i could have done a lot with that $2300 on that coat I bought lol but i couldnt pass it up lol
  14. ^haha friends with discounts are always good! LOL
  15. -Hopefully I can get Sophie before Christmas, but if not Obsession sunnies in light honey glitter
    -sweet monogram pendant
    -framboise bedford
    -mono lockit horizontal
    -the new heart shaped vernis
    -also another Chanel, maybe violet lambskin flap