So what is everyone planning to buy before/shortly after the price increase??

  1. ME-- POSSIBLY the damier azur speedy 30...i love it but am starting to get nervous as to what it will look like with patina on it. I might wait awhile and let others try it out for me and then make up my mind.:graucho: :P

    Oh and I ALWAYS have the Saleya GM on my list but every time I seem to talk myself out of it!:confused1:

    What about you? What are you planning to buy in the next month or so?:drool:
  2. :nuts: I'm going to get the Mono Speedy 25 on friday :yahoo: I'm also thinking about the Mono Cles...
  3. Fun!!! I am so excited for you!! You will have to post pics:smile:

    I think that my SO will let my get my Xmas gift early thanks to the price hike!! :smile:
  4. I'm getting my Damier Papillon 30 this Sat(was going to wait until next month, but I gotta beat that price hike and get one with the old hardware) and I'm planning on getting a Damier Azur piece when it comes out. I'm thinking about a Pochette Accessory and maybe a Cles--something without too much vachetta. Like you, I'm not too sure I will like the patina on this collection.
  5. Ugh I wish they would have put different trim on the Azur!! Gray or maybe even white leather, as long as it was treated!!

    I can't WAIT to see your papillon!!! You get that cute little baby papillon pouch that goes with it too!! :smile:
  6. Suhali black lockit (probably mm) or black MC Aurelia
    Also, going to look at the houston/brentwood in framboise...again (lol) I've talked myself out of it 3 times.
    Maybe, azur poucette or mini pouchette, if I don't think it's too grey.
  7. azur pochette! followed by the daimer speedy 25. by the time i save up, i won't be able to beat the price increase so i don't really care. haha.
  8. I'm going Friday (hopefully) and breaking in my new CC (no finance charges until April)!!:graucho:
  9. LOL gotta love the 0%!!!

    Do you have any ideas of what you might get??
  10. hopefully get my mc trouville by this weekend as an early bday present. I might possibly get the azur speedy also next week.
  11. I was thinking about getting a mono petit noe or a diff mono shoulder bag. I kinda want to see the azure pieces IRL first.
  12. does lv increase prices each yr? if so when is the next increase?
  13. Nov. 1st is what I heard.
  14. Fushia or Green Perfo Speedy and Perfo Wallet...and maybe a Perfo Cles :yahoo:
  15. I may get the Damier Chelsea. I need to replace a Mono Cabas Mezzo that was stolen from my home from a well-known maid service. (along with some Chanel items back in August)
    I wanted to just replace the CM but know I think I might be reminded of the whole terrible incident every time I used her. So I may get a different bag, still larger but different.
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