So what is a Francine?

  1. I've just seen this mentioned for like the second or third time recently. Anyone have a description of this bag? Thanks!
  2. from my understanding, it's a patent Luci.
  3. With a strap so you can wear her over your shoulder or a satchel.
  4. It's actually a Miranda, just in the patent version and with a shoulder strap which I believe is detachable. My SA showed me a sketch of it.
  5. :confused1:
  6. Now confused A SA told me she is a legacy handbag and isnt the miranda
    the hamptons collection. They showed me a picture of it in teal when I was in the store asking about the lucy and looking at the look book it looked more like a Lucy to me with a smaller pocket in front but maybe someone else that knows more can chime in I only looked a the pic real quick !They called the other day and said the maghogany was aval.
    and I told her I was going to wait for the teal!Tommorow when the new floorset is here I am going in the the store and order LUCY in Walnut and I will ask again about francine.:heart:
  7. I would love to see a picture, if anyone has it.
  8. Me too.
  9. I could be looked just like the Miranda, (but it was just a sketch) and my SA didn't mention it as legacy bag, but that would be lovely with the legacy lining!! :yes:
  10. I Saw It In The Teal, It Is A Legacy Bag I Was Told It Would Retail For 998.00 The Detatchable Strap Is Hideous In My Opinion.
  11. Well that makes this bag even more appealing than it already was to me, since I'm a sucker for the legacy lining!! I'm not sure I would use the strap often, but I guess it would be nice to have for certain situations...

    Is it the crinkled patent??