So, what how do I handle this with our contractor?

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  1. We are about finished with our bathroom remodel. For the most part the contractor has been really good. We didn't get any say in our hardware which I find a little :cursing: , but at least what the plumber he used chose was good, just chrome instead nickel.

    But, I was set on painting the bathroom a very light greyish green (to match our accent tile). But... he didn't think it would look nice. He's been doing this for 35 years, I haven't painted much (though I think I have a good eye), so I asked what he would choose. he chose an apricot color to go with the rest of the other tile (kind of coppery tones with greyish undertones). I said I liked that color, he asked if I was sure, and I said I was... so he bought it and painted it. As soon as I saw I hated it. I think it clashes and it's way to feminine and too concentrated, it basically overshadows the suble tones of the beautiful tile work.... My DH really hates it and was annoyed with me for waffling on my decision.

    So, I went tonight and bought the paint myself to have him repaint it, but next question is, since I've never worked with a contractor before is, do I have to pay him more to repaint it? it's a dinky bathroom, but lots of edges/corners? Or do these things happen and I'm already good because I bought the paint instead of making him buy the paint (since he already 'spent' what was part of the contract)... I don't want to be jerky about it or to be too 'nice' and paying for something we shouldn't. He had only done one coat so far too.

    What do you think?
  2. Wow...tough one. I am very consiliatory by nature, so I would probably just repaint it myself, but since he only has one coat, just tell him to use your new paint for the 2nd coat and do the final coat (if it's even necessary.)

    The only way is just to feel him out about it or let your husband be the bad guy.
  3. I'd make my DH do it.

    It shouldn't be a big deal to paint an additional coat or two to cover up the other color.
  4. I've been in the midst of a full-house remodel with various contractors and I'd say just talk with him. He's gonna want you to be happy with his work.

    Paint color is a personal preference and while he may be hot for the apricot, it's not about him, it's about what his customers like.

    Ask him to paint it your color, gratis. Paint is part of your bathroom remodel, presumably, so he's obligated to complete the job as agreed upon.

    Good Luck!
  5. I really don't think we should have to paint it. That's kind of taking the whimpy way out and DH would never paint, are you kidding me? It would be me and well, we hired a contractor for a reason. he's also painting our master bedroom and hallway and stairway. The rest I'll do.

    I'll just have to be brave and ask him to redo it and apologize for the other. What I have in my favor is after he painted he said he wasn't too sure about it, saying it didn't look like the chip (and I agree - it's just too heavy and salmon color -ick!)
  6. Well there you go! I agree he should repaint it as part of the deal. But I paint everything myself. I actually enjoy it. I learned how to do most everything myself because I hate dealing with contractors. As I said, I am too consiliatory by nature.
  7. If you mentioned you wanted a specific color and he suggested another one that you later agreed to, I'm not sure you can really expect him to repaint it for free. He made a suggestion, like any professional would, and you agreed to the color. Now, he may be a nice guy and agree to do it for free especially since he isn't too sold on the final color. But, he's not obligated to do it for free.
  8. Well, I could tell he wasn't thrilled, but I think that had more to do with him having a bad night's sleep more than anything. Anyway, he repainted it and it looks WAY better in cool tones versus warm tones. Now I LOVE it. I picked out the rest of the paint today, so hopefully those will be good too. I'm a bit of a color phobe, so this is all new to me.... The bathroom was a grey with a hint of green. Our bedroom will be a very light sage green (very light) and the hallway and downstairs will be a medium sagey green and my kitchen will be a dark red. Everything with white trim. Right now we have white upstairs and off-white downstairs, so this is a BIG change, but I think we need some COLOR to warm it up. I have to paint the two kid's rooms too and not sure what to do there. My older son will choose his and for a 3 year old? I don't know... I'm still thinking off-white. Both their bedroom sets are a rustic oak.
  9. Noooo!!!!! Give him some color!!!

    The rest sounds yummy. Greens are my favorite.
  10. For the is a calming color - that is why you see it a lot in hospitals. And we all know that 90% of boys could use all the calming aids possible! :smile: You don't have to go baby blue. Since it's kind of rustic I would go for a grey-blue, or maybe a lighter navy blue. If you don't like blue though, maybe just another darker neutral, like taupe, or sand?

    If you diet or think you might I would not paint the kitchen red, as it is a color that psychologically makes you hungry. You will notice lots of red in restaurants - either in their logo, in their decor, or in their menu for this reason. If however you don't have a problem with controlling your weight or appetite I'd go for the red - I love it in general as a wall color. A reference though I learned this in college: