So what have you sold...and why?

  1. Im curious to know if you all have sold any of your coach bags and if so which ones and why?

    I don't plan on selling any of mine but then I only have under 10 of them.
  2. i've sold...gosh...a lot of mine- most of them a few days after i bought them.


    for me, the thrill isn't in the bag. it's in the buying. so, i guess i buy and get my thrill...
  3. I've never sold a bag, everytime I think about it I never go through with it.
  4. I call my shelves the ever revolving shelves of coach ... :roflmfao: I've sold many many many bags ... usually so I can buy a new bag! I used to have a lot of impulse buys "ooh this is coach and cheap I have to have it!" now I only buy what I REALLY want ;)
  5. the impulse buys are what kill me!!!
  6. i've sold..

    1. blue denim wristlet: haven't used it and didn't find a need for it anymore
    2. red leather mini skinny: same as above
    3. black/white signature soho flap (not sure if that is the correct name but it came out in the fall of 2004): it was too small and structured for me too put much stuff in it
    4. khaki signature demi: got too dirty and didn't want it anymore
    5. scribbles hobo: didn't want it anymore
    6. pink lurex clip demi (not sure if that is the correct name but it came out also in the fall of 2004): this one i regret selling. at the time i sold it, i thought it was too small but now i want it back!!! :hysteric:
    7. black lurex clip demi: didn't need another black purse
    8. black signature small tote (don't know the name but i bought it summer of '01 or '02. i believe they called it the lunch tote?): hadn't used it in a while and didn't think i needed it anymore
    9. optic signature demi in pink: i had the tote and didn't need another demi
    10. signature hobo with patchwork flower (can't remember the name and when i bought it): i really liked this one but i wasn't so into brown and didn't think i would use it often so i just sold it.
    11. scribbles pvc tote: bought it specifically to resell
  7. i use to be like that too!
  8. Okay, I'm about to post a photo of every single Coach I have sold!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Too small and got all dented in.

    I didn't want any suede anymore.

    (I also sold to my family a brown leather one of these for my aunt's Xmas present.. What I really, really wanted was a Paddington, but I thought these would do... I used the money to fund the Paddy. Happily ever after. No offense to you other Coachies.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (I really wanted a plain sig one, so I sold 1 & got the 2nd, then I outgrew the size, now I want a large, but the large in this series had too long straps.)

    And here's what I was going to get my cousin until my aunt vetoed. Oh well, I made a profit!!

  9. And NOW this is what is currently on eBay (It's a Chelsea Brown Metallic Leather Satchel):


    And I have a bunch more to sell soon, ALL because I want all large bags now. :push:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    And a green one. :shame:
  10. i've sold a pink signature demi and a duffle mini skinny.
  11. Hi:

    I have sold a Hamptons doe/british tan leather carryall to a coworker.
    The reason being that I intend to buy a new one this year in black
    from the Hamptons collection. I also sold an Ergo TanTortilla Hobo #9619
    as it was an impulse buy and I did not really like it. I am selling two
    bags on eBay now and I plan on selling one more.

    Please note that I am very particular about bags and don't tend to like
    everything that Coach puts out although they are my favorite bag maker.
    I bought a Coach Ergo Hobo in British tan #9228 four years ago and believe
    it or not Coach or any other handbag maker did not make a bag that I liked
    in four years. I purchased the Dylan Hobo No. 10045 last October and carried it for a month. I don't really like it and probably only purchased it to
    have something new to wear as it has been a while between finding a bag for me, so I will probably be selling it. I have since purchased the Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey which I am loving and the Ali Bag in Whiskey should be arriving to my home by Friday. :yes: Note that I had not liked anything in four years and am now making up for lost time. As Coach is bringing back the Ergo line in April 2007 and I don't know when they will bring it back again or if I will have to go through another withdrawal/famine for four years I plan on buying at least three bags from this collection.
  12. Yep! I usually sell bags that I purchased and then never used or only used once, for some reason or another...

    Most recently, I've sold these Coach items: a pink optic w/ light calfskin trim soho wallet, Summer stripe hobo, and a black leather small duffle. I just had my other "go-to" items that I always would use and never would use these...

    To tell you the truth, I still have about 2 new wallets sitting in my closet, because I started using the scribble zip around, loved it - and never switched out of it!! :graucho: All well...
  13. Only one coach item: A Bumble bee mini skinny
  14. I've sold a ton of Coach over the years, mostly because I impulse buy so many Coach bags at the outlet! I'm on an outlet ban for now, trying very hard to limit my purchases to things I really want and have wanted for a long time (clothes and bags). I figure it will save me time (most importantly) and money in the long run if I only order the few pieces I like every season and update my basics when necessary.
  15. I've sold a few Coach bags and accessories cause I have 2 of them! BF got me one when I just already got one and he just didn't know.