So what have you preordered for Fall 2011 or what has caught your eye??

  1. I think I will pre order forever young in chocolate
  2. Tano is new to me? Where can you preorder from?
  3. Thank you! I really must have a Tano now that I have fallen in love!
  4. Which one are you think of Haybay??
  5. I changed my pre-orders. I cancelled the Kiss Me Kate because I just know it will be too big for me now that the measurements are out.

    I changed the Pucker Up to be in the honey color versus I have many blue bags...but love the neutral of the honey....

    Ready for the havana bags to be out already!
  6. Hey Deb, I thought the dimensions on that Kiss Me Kate were a bit large for your liking :smile: I do like the Pucker Up a lot though. The Eye on the Prize attracts me because of the two snapped compartments on either side of the zipped one. But who knows, maybe I'll see something vintage I like too!

  7. I have a cross dresser preordered in the zinc. Looking forward to the Havana leather also.

  8. I have my on the cross dresser too. I am trying to decide if its too big for me though...
  9. MHB posted on FB that the Havana leather bags are going to be headed their way next week...and so pre-orders should be getting emails...and shipping info next week!


    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Can't wait to see your bags, Deb!! I'm holding off a bit to see what people think. But there a couple that I'm really liking. Want to see what that Havana leather is like!

  11. Me too Joan...and I only have ONE bag coming for right now...just the Pucker Up in havana leather in the honey color...

    But if I love it, I know I will have to get another bag in this leather!

  12. Oh Deb I can not wait to see the honey I am doing the same thing waiting to hear what others think first. I have just made too many purchases and now I don't like or use the bags.:nogood: So I am trying to being more selective and less impulsive.

    Can't wait for your reveal.

  13. I will be sure to post a review with pictures when it arrives!

    I have not been this excited about a Tano since my beloved Wuderkinder came out!
  14. Has anybody preordered the Earthly Delight? I would love to see pics when you do!