So what exactly does someone do in Public Relations?

  1. We had this career workshop a couple days ago and we heard about different career choices and took quizzes and etc. One choice that I kept getting on my little quiz thing was Public Relations. So what is Public Relations really about? The most I've gleaned about Public Relations is from the book Everyone Worth Knowing. And that's fiction so I don't really trust it lol.
  2. I do public and media relations for a state agency in Florida. I studied journalism in college, and decided after a PR/media internship at a hospital during my last semester that I wanted to go into PR instead. Business hours (most of the time), better salary than a reporter, and I'm still involved in the communications field and working with the media.

    My main job responsibility is to be the liaison between the general public and the agency I work for. When the media calls, they speak to either our Public Relations Manager, or me (Public Relations Specialist). When a citizen has an inquiry that is related to our agency and what we do, we answer their phone call, e-mail, public records request, etc. I also do our corporate (internal) communications and coordinate and attend events and do presentations throughout our district, which covers six counties in South Florida.

    It definitely has its days (today was one of them!), but I enjoy my job. To work in PR, I think you have to like talking to people. I could talk to a brick wall :p You have to like communicating with people in any format - online, print, speaking, etc. You also have to have a thick skin. Most of the time, I dread dealing with my co-workers, not the citizens of Florida or the media ;)

    A lot of people with PR or advertising degrees go into agency PR work. That's when you join an agency that does public relations, marketing, advertising, brand recognition, Web design, etc., for different companies. These companies hire your agency to represent them in all forms of communication, and you handle different accounts. I have never worked for an agency and don't plan on it.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. P.R. is creating a positive image for a product, person, or company and then promoting that image to the public through the media. You have to be a great writer and be able to communicate well. It involves writing press releases, developing a strategy and selling your product. It can also include press releases, special events, calling media (journalists, tv or radio producers) to convince them to tell your story and sometimes coordinating a media tour (when you take your spokesperson on the road to make TV/radio appearances. You have to have high energy. I did this for many years and really enjoyed it. It can be exciting but can also be extremely stressful. If you work for an agency you are under a lot of pressure to get constant media coverage for your clients and sometimes you have many at once.
  4. to answer the question in the title -

    mostly talk out of his or her a**.

    this is from a journalism major that has hated every moment of every PR class she's ever taken :biggrin:
  5. There are many, many places to go in PR -- a big PR company like Ketchum or Edelman has research departments, branding departments, etc.

    You generally start out as a client service rep if the agency doesn't have its own traffic department. This means you circulate documents between the creative side and the account management team. Of course, there's more nuance than that.

    I'll be honest with you: you're not going to be an account executive or even an assistant account executive. PR today is not what it was even five years ago. If you don't do a PR internship, your chances of getting hired by a large firm is slim to none -- and if they do hire you, they'll probably ask you to do a three to six month internship for very little or no pay. It is very competitive because every young girl who was ever in a sorority seems to think they belong in a PR firm (including me!).
  6. I'm currently doing a PR internship for a major golfer and it's basically what everyone above me said - liason between media and client.
  7. I have my own PR company in the UK and my clients include a stately home and a country hotel. I started in journalism and I love my job.
    It can be stressful and the irritating part is (untrained) people thinking they can write!
    Being a good communicator, able to think quickly on your feet and under pressure are vital.