So what else can I do with a mini skinny?


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
I have one mini skinny which i love that i keep change in, this way if i'm at school i just grab that and can go to the soda machine or what have you....but i am going to an outlet in june and trying to save as much as i can and trying to decide what to get, so i am thinking a purse but i don't want to just get anything, i want one that will really be one that i get alot of use out of....well so then my next priority is wristlets and mini skinnys! i would like to use a mini as a wallet, but i don't really like folding up my dollars, and i don't have a lot of cards, enough to warrant a whole skinny for them, so what else do you guys use them for? i mean i am sure if i found some then you know i would have no problem puting them to they wouldn't get dusty.....

So what else do you do with your mini skinnys?


Sep 26, 2007
Mine is attached to my keys. It helps me not lose my keys in my bigger bags. Also, if I get a business card or an appointment card from a doctor etc. during my day I stick it in there temporarily not to lose it.


May 11, 2008
Some possible uses
- Spare Change
- Makeup (Spec. lipgloss/Chapstick)
- An MP3 Player
- Credit Cards/Gift Cards/ID Cards
- Headphones (If your MP3 can't fit!)
- Sticky notes/Small pens/pencils
- Band-Aids
- A few pills (Like Advil)
- Recipts
- Pencil Lead/Eraser
- Scrunchies/Hair Pins
- Maybe a small nail file?
- Keys
- Camera memory cards
- Stamps
- Lens wipes for glasses
- Perfume sample (for refreshing, and yes, I carry one around. ;] )
- Mini Sharpie

I think that's all the ideas I have. :biggrin: