So what does everyone think the next very limited line will be?

  1. So, lockit has come and it will pass very soon and I'm wondering which one of the many other bags I waitlisted for will be the next big thing? Lockit has proved to be very limited as most stores only got a handful of inventory...mine only got 7 bags..that's it!!

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. i certainly have no clue ;) but i did call the SA that got me my lockit to get on the waitlist for the Monogram Mirage Speedy and she said theres basically no one on it yet so i dont think that one will be too limited or maybe people just dont know about it yet.
  3. I think the run way pieces will be the next limited bags.

    I don't know... since I found that the run way price is...:hysteric:
  4. i think it will be the mirage speedy.
  5. Monogram Motard BIKER!

    (yes I'm trying to promote it! LOL!!! but seriously, I hope it'll be very limited or that's what my SA said... but I have doubts about her now...)
  6. I honestly don't know if anything this season will be the next Miroir. I mean the runway bags are always 'hot' but none of them are remotely affordable enough to create such a 'hot' buzz (i.e. Kirsten/Miroir prices).
    At 3-5K for some of the runway bags....I think they'll be on the shelves for awhile.

    In addition, I think LV has kind of saturated the LE market this season....people only have so much to spend in any given month...and with so many lines coming out each's overload!
  7. totally agree!
  8. The Motard Biker certainly has that appeal. I have been looking for a black leather LV with monograms and this fits the bill nicely. Don't like the price, though. If LV would drop the price to between $2K-3K, this would be really HOT! Forget the dark grey Nimbus then!!
  9. I really like the biker bag...but the price!! jeez!!! but who knows if that will be the next big thing.