so what does everyone think of THESE?????

  1. Ohh, I remember a thread on these a while back.

    Not a fan, I mean, it's a clever idea to prevent patina but just looks so silly. Maybe if they were made of leather or something... this looks like you cut an old sweater apart and put them on your Speedy handles!
  2. hmm weird...
  3. It seam kind of silly to me.
  4. I paid darn good $$$ for those leather handles------now why would I want to cover them????

    Sorry, I'm not a fan. :wtf:
  5. I personally love patina so I wouldn't use them however, to each his own and I know people who are out there who like the leather to stay as light as possible and am sure would find these usefull.
  6. yeah I agree, I don't think the style fits the handbags at all really.
  7. I really like the patina so I'd never use those.
  8. I wouldnt use them but if I were to travel I just might to save from potential spots or stains on the handles. I give her credit for thinking of it though.
  9. If this is used the handles will be lighter then the rest of the leather.

    I would like the whole patina to process evenly.

    Therefore, I wouldn't use it.
  10. Interesting idea but I wouldn't use it personally.
  11. I dont need them.. I like natural patina..
  12. I remember these! I think it's kind of tacky. Wouldn't the patina be uneven if you use those on a daily basis? I love patina anyway! :okay:
  13. I think its a great concept.I wish there was an easier way to prevent he handles form getting darker than the other leather. Hands are always filthy even when we think they are clean. Nonetheless, I think these are kind of tacky.
  14. funny looking.