So what do you think your sweety got you?

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  1. What do you think your sweety got you for Valentines Day???

    Mine took his sister and his mom with him to shop for me. I lost my wedding ring and engagement ring at the salon about 6 months ago so I've been wearing a temporary semi-precious stone ring. I assume he bought me a replacement diamond....or atleast I hope :love: . Just so I would make him feel I didn't know what it is, I told him I think it's a new camera :amuse: .
  2. I hope my husband bought me a bag. He had me send him a few links to bags that I like, so it is between an LV, a Bluga and a Dior. (I gave him many different price points.) He might be fooling me, however, and could get me something completely different. He said just the other night that he wasn't spending a lot of money on me - that is a SURE sign that he, in fact, is. :smile: However, we did put in a contract on a new house, so we do need to save our money...I guess we will see tomorrow!

    Hope you get your new ring!
  3. When I bought my new watch in the Caribbean, he told me its my "Valentines and Birthday presents" .. he wasn't there when I bought it, I just told him about it afterwards lol. So I'll be lucky if I get a trip to Starbucks :smile:
  4. Valentine's Day and our anniversary are only 5 days apart (it's the 19th), so we combine the two. Tomorrow he will probably get me flowers and something small. Saturday he is taking me shopping, then we have reservations at the Melting Pot for our anniversary celebration. He also bought me tickets to the upcoming Less Than Jake and Strike Anywhere shows.

    I bought him a hardshell Gibson guitar case for his new guitar and filled it with different candies, a wireless XBox 360 controller and Halo 2.
  5. haha @ Halo 2. My hubby and I play all the time. I :heart: playing. Our name is Penguin Killers. I like playing by myself and not say a word. When I win, I then start bragging about how everyone got beat by a girl :P
  6. Aww...that's sweet Cristina! Allison, I hope you get a rock! Valentine's Day is also my hubby's birthday. He got some "stuff" for his truck. I sent him an email with several bags I'd like to have but I don't think I'm getting any of them...I guess the Speedy that I bought on ebay is considered my v-day gift, which is ok with me.
  7. :lol: I haven't gotten into Halo much, but we both like Red vs. Blue, the cartoon based on the first Halo. I used to think it was silly, but it's grown on me. I'm more into PC games, like Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. We used to have a Gamecube with MarioKart. Best. Game. Ever. :P
  8. Neat idea filling the guitar case with goodies :smile:

    What guitar did he get? I have a Gibson Nighthawk at the moment.
  9. He was gonna get me a Speedy but I called him up earlier and said I hope he didn't get it yet cause I'm winning one on eBay. He will probably get me something from LV still.
  10. Thanks! :nuts:

    He had a Gibson Les Paul Classic, but sold it on eBay to buy my bass (an Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay), an Ampeg SVT-3 bass head, and an Epiphone Les Paul Classic. He was a little sad about it a first, since he got a great deal on the Gibson (paid around $1300 on eBay 3 years ago, for an $1800 guitar!), but he made around $125 when he sold it, so he wasn't too sad ;)
  11. He got me a box of Dove chocolates, a pair of baby blue short Ugg boots for the walks to the bus stop to get my granddaughter (I’ve been really sick) :sad2: and this necklace.

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  12. My husband actually went into the Gucci store all by himelf yesterday after he heard me mention that I want a Gucci bag a few times recently. But he quickly got sticker shock and left. He doesn't really "get it" yet. He also tried a jewelry store, but is hopeless when it comes to that too. So I have no idea what he's going to do. I told him he could just take me lingerie shopping and that would be fine. :smile:

    I got him a card and a gift certificate to see a bunch of movies at an Landmark theatre (chain of art house movie theatres here).
  13. I hope I'm getting a Juicy Couture passport case because I'm going to study abroad this summer but it may be a Juicy luggage tag or something else. I'm giving him a pink polo and DVD set
  14. Our anniversary is on the 19th too! :nuts:

    I think he is getting me a new cell phone, but I'm not positive.
  15. my boyfriend and i agreed to go inexpensive this year because he's looking for a job, so i got him a malcolm gladwell book that he's wanted forever and a best buy gift card (i was going to get him a cuisinart coffee grinder to grind up the peppers that he grew last summer and dried, but we were sold out and had none in the district warehouse, so he can use that to get it when it comes in).

    i have no clue what he got me, and i doubt he does either, lol. i'm hard to buy for and i don't want much (it's been a long time since i haven't had a valentine, but i still don't really like the holiday). he's got a little time left to get something, though. honestly, i'd be elated to get a big ol' box of chocolate from the supermarket.