so...what do you think we will find....

  1. :yahoo:Friday at 12:01 p.m. at the outlets????

    I am so freakin excited, i cant stand it! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Anyone else with me???
  2. my outlet doesn't open til 8 am :sad:
  3. Where I live, the closest outlet to me is a little over 3 hours away and the better one is a little over 4 hours away so I won't be there Fri am :crybaby:
  4. Hey I am excited, too! Think I will try to get there by 11pm. Apparently the parking is a zoo when you get there at midnight! Good luck and I bet it will be a lot of fun!
  5. I have to take some family to the airport at 5am :push: but since I'll already be up I'm forcing my BF to go with me to the outlets!!! I cant waaaait!!!!! :yahoo::p:woohoo:
  6. The SA at the Camarillo Premium Outlet said they usually get people camped outside of their Coach store at 8pm (in line for their Midnight opening) with their Turkey Dinner! Now, that's dedication! *LOL*
  7. I'm still debating what to do... unfortunately I got sick late Tuesday night and am still currently sick. I'm supposed to go to the Hale Koa with my family for dinner and I was thinking of going to my parents house directly afterwards because they live pretty much right next to the Coach outlet in Waikele. I thought I'd go there, check out if there's a line already. It's really going to depend on how I'm feeling, but I'd definitely like to go. I just hope they have a good sale...

    Does anyone know what the discount is going to be?

    When I went last week, there were lots of things that are at a constant everyday 20% off, some stuff at 30% and some at 40%. I hope they bring out some new stuff and up the discount!!

    I'd also like to head to Banana Republic after Coach since their whole store is going to be 40% off!!
  8. DH and I are going tonight. :tup: (To Petaluma) :yahoo:
  9. ^^ I hope you have fun. Let us know what you find....
    I think this year is a no-go for me.:crybaby:
  10. thanks, will do! I went a couple of days ago and they didn't have much. Here's hoping they put lots more out for tonight! :tup:
    Sorry to hear it's a no-go Candace!
  11. I went a few days ago and they were socking up lots of stuff for tonight/tomorrow, so I'm really excited to see how much what the discounts turn out to be like.