So what do you think of this one?

  1. I saw this bag at Holts when I was in Toronto last month...I haven't seen it on any of the websites (Saks, Neimans, etc..) The bag was STUNNING...I've been looking for it..and found it on Shopbop...what do you think? Of course I find it right after I wrote the check for new windows :push:
  2. I think that is gorgeous, Emmy. Great size, and I like the length of the chain.
  3. It's a very pretty bag, like that the chain strap has a bit of padding at the top, but think the long strap would really annoy me. Don't think it's an every day bag, special occasions only as it's quite dressy imo. If you love it go get it girl!
  4. Ive actually seen that bag IRL yesterday at bloomingdale. Its a very nice bag.
  5. This looks really nice! Can it be worn cross body I wonder? It would definitely add a lot of diversity to a collection.

    EMMY, I was at Holts for the first time last month too - I was amazed at the size of their handbag showroom(s). I didn't expect it to be so big! It was nice to see the MJ display in the store window, but I was disappointed at the small amount of MJs in store.
  6. I really like this bag EMMY. It's definitely "chic" just like the style name says. :yes:
  7. I was at NM today and looking at this bag. It is beautiful. It can be worn cross body but won't sit low on the hip if you do. I think the length and style is so fresh.
  8. I like how some of the new bags combine the look of soft calf with quilting details. sometimes i think the quilting can be too much alone but this is a perfect mix.
  9. It looks very chic , i love it.
  10. That's a hot bag!:cool:
  11. Oh brother...I knew you'd all like it!!!! Do I sense enabling going on lol?!?

    Thithi..I KNOW!!!! I was freaking when I went in there!!!!! I just couldn't believe it!!!! The bag was more $$ in I figured I'd go home and look for it online...I HAVE to wait until this goes on sale...This home improvement is really cramping my handbag addiction....I'm going to be stalking eluxury..It just has to go on sale!!!!

    Thanx everybody for your input!!!! As always..I REALLY appreciate it!!!!
  12. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you EMMY! hopefully there will be another f and f coming up soon.

    I was reading in August's issue of Lucky that cross shoulder bags that hit at the a little above the hip are suppose to be "in" now. Great bag!
  13. Hmmm.....half and half about this bag. It looks like it can be a cute sling bag and I definitely like the black better than the brown.
  14. Thanx Thithi!!!! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled as well hehehe:graucho:!!!!!