So, what do you think of the caramel color?

  1. I received the caramel first that I bought before the mp closed down. I'm not so sure that I am liking the color......I think I am more of a dark bag girl. Should I keep it? Do you think the color will darken over time? And if I do get rid of it, is ebay the only option now?

  2. I got the caramel purse from Bluefly and I really like the color. I don't find it to be too light at all but if you don't like it, then I think your only option is ebay.
  3. If you prefer a darker bag, I'd get what you like because there's no point in keeping a bag you'll never use. Plus, there are some gorgeous colors out there. I can't answer you question about the bag getting darker over, but I was looking at swatches at atelier.naff and the caramel looks yummy! I think if you do end up wanting a different bag you'll have to either wait and see if the MP turns around or just sell it on eBay.
  4. I had the caramel ( twiggy prefall 05) and i've loved it so much!.:love:

    I sold it only because i fall in love with other colours.... as AmourN20 says: One bag in, one bag out...;) :shame:
  5. i think the caramel is really pretty. the color goes with alot, and i think it can be worn pretty much throughout the year.
  6. Im definetely more of brighter bbag kind of girl. The caramel is nice just seems a little to plain to me.
  7. I think it is a lovely color. Personally, I actually prefer the bright colors, which is not what you like! So just goes to show it is all a matter of personal opinion! Don't keep it if you're not in love it!
  8. :heart::heart:I luuurve the caramel.:heart::heart: But it's just a matter of personal taste. To me, it's got a lot of character, but it's subtle. But like a lot of the colors, it doesn't work equally well for all styles. I expect it will darken a little over time, but it won't ever become a really "dark" color. If you're really not in love with it, Tori, you should trade it in for a color you're thrilled with!
  9. ^ I second everything you said!

    I really love the caramel, especially because of the vintage leather - it shows up sooo gorgeous in that color!
  10. Thanks so much all!! You have convinced me to keep it and love it, LOL. And Jennifer, I think you are absolutely right - it goes with a lot and can be used all year.
  11. I just got the Caramel City and was having the same feelings about the color. But I've used it for the past week and now I really like it! It definitely goes with a lot.
  12. i love the caramel, it's such a great neutral all seasons option! enjoy!
  13. Loove the caramel:heart: :heart: :heart: it gets a little darker with use and I feel if parts of it will darken(like handles) it will only give that boho vintagey look over time