SO ...... what do you think Argyle will look like???

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  1. Think it will be similar to 05 Caramel?
    Balenciaga doesn't seem to be using a whole lot of imagination lately ...
  2. ITA, what's the deal?? To me, the colors are kinda lacking as of late. Truffle is repeated 2 seasons in a row, rouge vif then rouge vermillion right behind it, ink then marine, greige then natural, argyle looks kinda like camel but less orange yellow and more grayish? I mean, a little more variety would be appreciated, but that's just me!
  3. I agree - I was hoping for colors like the past years - with some different bright colors - pinks and purples. I think repeating the colors or having new similar colors, unfortunately for me, just makes the older bags more desireable!
  4. yup! :yes: how about something PINK? and maybe a YELLOW?
  5. Haven't we seen the argyle before in the 07 Matelasse pics? Is this it ( on left)?

  6. Thanks for posting this :queen:V!!! I was going to start a thread about the argyle color b/c I am very curious to know what it will look like IRL!!!!!!! I am so anxious to see it b/c I love how it looks in the picture above. It kind of does remind me of the caramel '05 but we can't know that for sure yet.
  7. argyle: diamond pattern on old man socks and sweaters. ehheheheh!!!!!
  8. yeah!!!
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    That's what I thought of at first, then it turned out to be another brown color.
  10. well, although Balenciaga is being boring repeating colors, it IS good for those of us that missed out on the previous ones :P

    I didn't get 05 Chocolate or 05 Caramel but it looks like Cafe and Argyle may be the repeats ... or pretty darn close!
  11. What is the name of the middle color in that picture.

  12. That is Naturel :yes:
  13. I am really drooling over the argyle padded bag in the picture~ it looks gorgeous and I love the silver hardware on it!!!!!!!!!!!:drool: I may just have to buy that padded one!!!:love:
  14. I would love to see that on a B-bag!;)

    But argile = clay. Grey-brown?
  15. Argyle weekender with brown croc trim ;)
    (wasn't fast enough to edit my post above)