so what do you think about white hermes bags?


white hermes bags -- yea or nay?

  1. love 'em, have one or definitely want one

  2. don't care for them on aesthetic grounds

  3. pretty, but i'd worry about dirt

  4. pretty, but not practical because they're only for summer

  5. i dunno . . .

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  1. i've noticed that they don't seem to sell on ebay or reseller sites, and was wondering why. :confused1: is it fear of dirt? or maybe that they're not versatile enough being limited to between memorial day and labor day? or perhaps people just don't care for the color . . . .

    as for me, with the seasonality i wouldn't have made one my first h bag. but now that i have a few others my thoughts are turning to white leather.
  2. I will use my white Birkin all year.....:yes:

    With rules for white past Labor day....I apply it only to shoes...

    I :heart: white......
  3. Gmel-how does your white birkin hold up to dirt? Do you clean it? How is the result after the cleaning?

    White is so nice but my SA told me it's hard to take care of.
  4. It's, I'll let you know same time next year......:flowers:
  5. I also am interested...but would worry about keeping it clean too!
  6. Because of its tote-like qualities I consider a Birkin (at 35 cm or larger) more of a workhorse bag- either to hold lots of stuff when travelling or carrying things to/from the office. I'd be too fearful about white for these purposes. But I can see having a white bolide to use purely as a handbag though not as an everyday bag to keep it clean. A while bolide or other smaller white bag at a summer party or wedding could be smashing.
  7. I'm not so sure about Birkins but I would def. like a white Kelly with a red trim and interior. And I think that only comes in Epsom, which is not a leather that gets dirty too easily I think. If it came in Chevre, that'd be even better!
  8. I love white hermes! It would be my first choice of all the colors *heart*
  9. whispa: yes a white chevre would be tdf!!! i've checked...nope :sad: no white in pretty goat
  10. Thanks Gmel. Enjoy your birkin
  11. I would love to bet a 30cm white Birkin for next year.
  12. Oh Lordy, DQ.....white and I just do NOT get along. I am such a klutz that my beautiful while bag would look completely GREY in no time! I have to stay away from everything!..
  13. White scares me. I like the look but I would constantly be afraid of getting something on it so it would be in the spa more than on my arm. While I am not rough with my bags I do use them and do not want to constantly worry about em. Give me a neutral over white any day.
  14. Can't the white bags be brought back to H for conditioning and cleaning? If I owned one, I would probably drop it off at H in the fall and have them do whatever they do to it to clean it and store it away in its box for the winter. Anyone here can give us an account of their experience with a white H bag?
  15. I think when you buy white you have to take into consideration that it will get dirty... :crybaby: I have a 30cm Birkin and boy is it dirty! Outside you won't notice it as much but inside... not good at all! Like white fur, I am always questioning is my bag going a little yellow? Off white? But no... it's still a beautiful white Hermes bag! :smile: