So What Do You Guys Think?

  1. Should I just go ahead and order the Mousse Paddy or wait for the dark blue that's due out in Fall? :sad2:

    * Lin

    If only I could care about everything else as much as I care about purses. :love:
  2. I like the Mousse, but I'd wait for the dark blue, because I think it would look good for Spring/Summer with neutrals, or white and elegant in Autumn/Winter with black.
  3. I am desperately in love with the Mousse, so I would go for that. But that being said, I also love having a dark blue bag (Ink City) because it is an all year round color and goes with just about everything! So if you already have a great all year round color (dark blue, black, chocolate) then go for the mousse. It is a remarkable color!
  4. def get the mousse!
  5. Does the upcoming dark blue have the silver hardware as well?

  6. I believe so. It should be gorgeous. :love:
  7. Mousse goes with everything. I absolutely love it. I would get the mousse.
  8. love the mousse. get it!!
  9. if the blue is anything like the blue nuit, i vote for that one.
  10. my fav colour is blue - so i would go for the dark blue! But i have to say that the mousse is a wonderful colour too... are you wanting to get your bag VERY soon? good luck
  11. I vote for the dark blue, but not being one to wait I'd get the mousse anyway!
  12. I'm biased towards dark blue, but I really love the mousse too! (sorry no help :shame:smile:
  13. Dark blue! Dark blue!

  14. :nuts:
  15. Lol I hate waiting but I'm trying to refrain from my impulsive buying tendencies. In the perfect world, I'd buy both but doesn't grow on trees.

    I was reading on a different thread that the South Coast boutique is getting a shipment for some of the new summer/fall colors next month. I haven't called the South Coast store to double check. Personally, I'd rather order from New York so I can save money on tax...but the New York boutique is terribly rude. :mad: