so, what do you guys think of google checkout?

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  1. has anyone used it? i read on their website that they protect from chargebacks too...

    this could be good...
  2. I've used it twice to buy some Cole Haan shoes from an online shoe store. Everything went well.

    I'm not certain how they can protect against chargebacks since I thought that between the cardholder and card issuer but am the first to admit that I don't know a whole heck of a lot about that stuff.
  3. I love it. I've purchased and sold through it. The benefit of selling that way is no PayPal fee's and the buyer still gets their CC protection - it's a win/win!
  4. I love it! I have both bought and sold this way!
  5. I love it as well, except it's not an accepted form of payment on ebay. Boo!

  6. oh! i did not realize that.. too bad! it does sound good!

    thanks everyone!!
  7. You can use it if someone doesn't want to pay by PayPal, you just can't advertise it on your auctions. I've had two people pay that way that didn't want to use PayPal. Also, they take Discover, Amex, & Debit cards which I don't think PayPal takes. It's just a way for eBay to make more money by forcing us the PayPal route. As if you can't trust Google? They are a major company, eBay just doesn't like the competition and wants to double dip on the fee's. I also offer BidPay, but it's only been used twice.
  8. I have my Discover and AMEX on file with PayPal and use it without a problem.
  9. that's good. for some reason I thought you couldn't use those with paypal. thanks for clearing it up!
  10. Can someone please tell me what "google checkout" is???????? I am lost. Thanks.
  11. It's a new checkout service like Paypal but provided by Google.

    I used it yesterday and it's super easy to work with
  12. You're quite welcome!

    AMEX provides the best protection IMO and I'm glad they have it as an option.

    Google Checkout being fee free (for now at least) would be a nice thing to offer our buyers who detest PayPal.
  13. Heck, Google checkout being fee free would be great to offer solely for us as sellers because of the no fee's. Those PayPal fee's add up and cut into profits, and make things HAVE to sell higher which effects buyers price.
  14. Me too. I don't know what the heck they are talking about.
  15. hmm. so if you get a buyer that does not like paypal, then you can offer them this as an option, then send them a google check invoice? just cant put it as an option in your listing.. thats pretty cool. it seems like we are going to see much more of google check out. people seem to be getting fed up with paypal... they seem not to be protecting sellers.. and the google check out from what i read on their site, seems to be taking seller protection very seriously. thank god! finally