So what do you do when...

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm a newbie- and I have to say, Tokidoki rocks. I actually stumbled across tokidoki at a night market- and I was looking at fakes, but boy were they cute! after some research I figured out what was going on, and was amazed by the prices that Tokidoki for LeSportSac commands.

    Long story short, I've got a stressful life and apparently I started using retail therapy...specifically looking for tokidoki bags! So then I went nuts on eBay. And I have won alot of tokidoki fact, I'd pretty much started a bella collection...I was going to display them on shelving in my room! Yay for prettiness!

    But here's the problem. My mom's ready to kill me for buying all the bags- and there's a really good chance I may have to sell them when I get them...

    BOO. :wtf:
  2. Why is she going to kill you, steffani? :hs:
  3. cool another vancouver person! =P
  4. lol! does your mom know how much they cost? what I do is take the retail price of the bag and divide by 5 haha xDD
    anyway, welcome to the forum and fight to keep those tokis!!! :boxing:
  5. LOL! My mom would set out to kill me also. I'm young and I don't even work yet, so yea, pullip dolls and tokidoki are gonna anger my mom alot! They're not cheap!
  6. LOL. I have 15 bag, she only thinks I have like 8, because she bought me those ones! And she knows I bought a BV myself.

    The other ones, I hid in a box in my closet. We moved, so I never fully unpacked, and it's been a year. LOL! My mom never check in those boxes. When I go out with one of those bags, she doesn't know about, because I bring a backpack or a bigger toki bag to put the "unknown" ones in.

    Perhaps you should try it! LOL!

    ** Or you can show her a picture of a cheap fake bag on eBay, and tell her that's how much they cost.
  7. My mom thinks I have only 3 tokis! but I have 8 all together hahah.

    I hide them as well!
  8. yeah, my mom's not too impressed with me either. i went from 1 toki for about a year, and then went toki nuts this august and now have 14 tokies...
  9. Wow, now I'm dreaming of a magical land where Stellinas cost under $30. *revels in happy place*
  10. lol I know!! I had a coupon for Bloomingdales was something like take $20 off your purchase of $100 and my mom was like..."well you can always buy 2 of those bags you like to use that coupon"
    *me thinking* "one bag is gonna be at least $130.....:confused1:"
    haha xD but..I only have like 5 toki I guess I haven't spent -too- much money on them yet...when I start going into debt my mom will start wondering...:sweatdrop: