So What Do Ya Think ... should I return it or keep it?

  1. Okay... I received this bag this morning. It is the E/W Square Vintage tote in choco suede (the color and suede is beautiful on this bag). I think I like the SV tote style better in the N/S style that are in macp6 & japskivt threads. But yet I have other N/S tote versions in leather which is why I had wanted this one in suede & thought E/W would be a nice change. Anyhow, I would love to hear your honest opinions on the bag. Since I only want the tote style in choco suede, the only options for me are to keep or return it. I am really torn right now (which is unusual as I normally know right away whether I love it or not). One minute I think I make up my mind to return it and the next minute I want to keep it. :nuts: THANK YOU!!

    chanel SV1.jpg Chanel SV 2.jpg Chanel VS 3.jpg
  2. I think it's cute! I love the color!
  3. I'm not a big lover of suede bags so I say return it.
  4. i'm not so crazy about it. for the kind of money which i'm sure you spent for that bag, i am sure you can get one that you love. good luck making up your mind!
  5. First, you look liike you have the body and style to rock any bag! That said, I do think this particular tote is too wide. I guess it depends on your needs - what you plan to use it for. I think it would make a very posh puppy carrier or baby cradle! :biggrin: It's a very pretty bag.
  6. Ditto.:shame:
  7. Roey, first thanks much for the nice complement (means a ton coming someone who looks as fit & great as you do). But even more, THANK YOU for your honesty. I have to show your comment to DH because the first thing he said was 'DIAPER BAG' to me. I then tried wearing it different ways to 'disguise' the diaper bag look (heehee) I think because I loved the choco suede of it so much (I love suede in warm tones). But, your opinion confirmed his immediate thought too. Thanks again!

    All... Thanks for your opinions too! Everyone on this forum is so helpful.

    So.... back it goes... I'm sure there will be another choco suede bag out there for me some time in the future (maybe next year). :smile:
  8. I tried this bag on at NM BH today. It is gorgeous, but seemed very "winter" to me. Look forward to your posts of your next bag!
  9. I second this idea. Also, it requires high maintenance.
  10. Return it

    If you are not 100% in love with it, I wouldn't keep it!
  11. I prefer the other one as well. . . . I love this but not as much as some other ones.
    Although you can definitely rock it!
  12. Cant say Im fond of this one.
  13. I really like the way it looks on you. I love suede bags in the fall. If you think you will get a lot of use out of this bag I say keep it!
  14. Thanks again all! It is in the box and ready to go back tomorrow! Phew... hate tough decisons but you've all been a huge help (and DH is clapping). :smile:

    SoCal.. I'm glad you saw it IRL too & tried it on (I know you have a keen eye for the bigger black & dark brown bags!). Yes, it is very wintery & that's why I wanted the quilted choco suede so much so that I was willing to overlook the 'diaper bag' look until all the kind PF Ladies brought me back to earth. As far as future bags, I only have a few on the horizon and they won't be in store for awhile (sporadic arrivals too :sad: ) so I'll mainly have to enjoy seeing your & all the other PF Ladies new bags this fall/winter and simply use what I already have. :smile:

    Swanky.. Thank you & yes, definitely the N/S is the better style of the two totes!! After seeing macp6 & japskivt gorgeous totes, there was just no comparison! :flowers:

    Kat... I'm with you in that I love yummy warm colored suede in the Fall/Winter months! :biggrin:
  15. i love chanel but that bag I'm not feeling it, it looks like a diaper bag. Return it and get something Fab that you love right away.