So what do we think of my new purchase?

  1. My new Icons Flap just came in the mail today... What do you guys think?
    New Bag 003.jpg New Bag 004.jpg New Bag 005.jpg
  2. LOVES IT!!!!!!!What is the price?!
  3. Thanks! $2895 and no tax since i had it shipped to NJ from NY :smile:
  4. Nice :smile:
    Very chic. You wear it well!!1
  5. I love it. Very pretty!
  6. I love the bag..........BUT HOLY SMOKES!!!That price tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!
  7. I know, Jill, but what are you going to do? It is what it is :smile: I am debating whether I should exchange it for the new reissue when they come out, what do you think?
  8. nice bag.. but like Jill said-- that price !!!! wowser
  9. What do the new spring reissues look like?

    p.s. I like that style you have, but I would LOVE it in a different color, like a peachy-pink IMO.
  10. I like it a lot, and love the metal detail around the CC closure. It's still classic looking, but with a bit of a twist, I like that! :yahoo:

    As for the price, well this is the new reality :shame:.
  11. That's the way I feel... It is what it is...

    Thanks everyone for your comments :smile: I was trying the classic flap, but as much as I wanted it to be me, unfortunately it's not... I am just not a classic kinda girl I guess!
  12. I think it looks so hip and it looks great on you! Just the price, wow!!! ;P
  13. Gorgeous!!!:heart:H
  14. congrats, I like it!
  15. Love the bag, enjoy!