So what do we think of Giles Deacon's bags for Mulberry?

  1. So all you Mulberry lovers - what do you think of the new range Giles Deacon has done for Mulberry? I'm reserving judgement.
    It's interesting that Mulberry chooses to link up with a designer every now and again to bring out a dedicated range - look what happened to Luella Bartley following the Giselle. No-one had heard of her until she worked with Mulberry and then her career went into orbit...
    So who would you like to see work with Mulberry - what would be the perfect partnership?
  2. The only one I like is the large black drawstring hobo. Not too keen on the others!!!
  3. :wtf: :throwup: :throwup: :wtf:

    I hate it! I love love mulberry bags but hate this new association. I think it really brings the image down. And like it or not the price tag reflects you buying into that image.
  4. I really really love the mace keyrings! But like the 1st reply, the black drawstring hobo is about the only yummy bag. What's going on with those bracelets? Anyway yes the maces are just gorgeous but they're £££ and only in b&w :sad:
  5. I'm not too fond of this one:
  6. [​IMG]

    This patent leather clutch is growing on me...

  7. Interesting - glad to see I'm not the only one who isn't keen. I agree, the drawstring isn't too bad (although I think it bears a passing resemblance to Jimmy Choo's Ramona) but the others are yuk. What was Mulberry thinking?!
  8. I :heart: these:


    And then we have:

  9. Is this right? Are these part of the 10 piece collection?

  10. Ok, one more insight and I'm done. Promise!

    From the LA Times:

    The patent leather clutch is divine with four gigantic gold studs on the front. The drawstring hobo is pretty great, too, as is the signature Roxanne bag done over in patent leather with studs. But watch out for the Mace Keyring -- you could put an eye out with that thing.
    The Giles Deacon for Mulberry line is $195 to $2,595.
    [​IMG] Going forward for fall, it looks like patent will continue to be big. Mulberry's classic Bayswater bag with a postman's lock is coming in black, red and purple patent, as well as zebra and leopard haircalf. And, for the real fashion insider (and let's face it, these logo-less bags are really insider) Mulberry has teamed up with illustrator extraordinaire Julie Verhoeven, who has lent her childlike artwork to bag, scarf, dress and T-shirt designs.
  11. Ok, so sorry I broke my promise, but I just had to know what the fuss was about with the mace keyring. Now I understand!

    As cool collaborations go, you don't get much cooler than that between golden boy Giles Deacon and accessories brand of the moment Mulberry. Abounding with S&M references (studs, whips and lots of shiny leather) the whole collection, exclusive to Harvey Nichols, has 'must have' written all over it. But our favourite piece is this very spiky white leather key-ring shaped like a mace. Naughty, but very nice!
  12. never been a fans of mulberry's bags :p
  13. I quite like patent leather and often find that it doesn't photograph to well, but I don't particularly like these Giles Deacon bags. I don't mind the clutch. But the overall collection is a bit too S&M for my liking. I do however, really like that patent bayswater. I think I want it :shame:
  14. I think it's the S&M tone that I don't like. Mulberry is quintessentially English and shouts classic style. Still, although I don't like the collection, you have the admire the company for being prepared to do something new and take a chance rather than resting on its laurels on the success of bags like the Roxanne and Emmy.
  15. I do admire them for trying something new. The styles are very risky, colorful and confident.