So what do I want for my birthday in two weeks?

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  1. So my birthday is coming up on April 15th, and DH asked what I wanted. Duh! A bag. So I stopped in to Coach yesterday and drooled over the white Kiki, but also drooled over the thought of a white Pleated Ergo Framed Satchel. My SA said the Kiki can be cleaned with the cleaner, but the Ergo can not. I'm so torn I don't know what to do. Should I buy the fun Kiki (that is sooo totally me), or hold out for the Ergo that is oh so sexy?
  2. I personally am in LOVE with the pleated Ergos but if you really love the Kiki, I say go for it! Plus it sounds more practical since it can be cleaned.
  3. My birthday is April 15th too! i'm totally lusting over the pleated ergos!
  4. That is my BF's birthday too!

    I am totally in love with the new pleated ergos! That stinks that they can't be cleaned though.
  5. I like the Kiki. It's very unique and different. You said it's "you" so I think you should go for that one. I saw it IRL on Friday and it's a beautiful bag.
  6. My Birthday is April 15th also :smile: I am excited to see what new coach items I will be receiving. I have made sure to do all of my hinting already ;)
  7. My B-day is this Sunday and I am just dying to walk into the Coach store and pick something up for myself!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide. Make sure you post pics!
  8. ask him to go talk to ur sa and she will help him get one for u
  9. My b-day is April 12th and I'm torn like you as well... I'm trying to figure out what I want to get... I LOVE the pleated ergos... it seems like your torn between the bags? I would try the Kiki on if you can.. otherwise wait it out until the ergo gets into stores and try that one on??
  10. The KIKI is cute it is so hippie era! My SA told me everytime I look at this bag I have flashbacks LOL!! She remembered having a bag similar to it! I think that bag is really cute!!! I say go for the KIKI!!!! :tup:
  11. I saw the Kiki IRL and loved the saddle color but am definitely not feeling the white. Even the SAs agreed that the white leather looks thin, shiny and crinkly like paper. I think the saddle is a very rich color, and the bag slouches nicely...just not sure I can pull it off since I'm just a bit shorter than 5'2". Also I'm not sure I want to go that trendy because I do already have nice fringe bag that I never wear, and also a Coach one that I sold last year for the same reason. I think it's all in what you want or need with your wardrobe. At this point I'm not feeling the pleated ergos just because I feel it's a very common style, and the bags reminded me a lot of other designer bags. But I have not seen these IRL, so I might be blown away when I do. Since I'm not needing a practical bag, I would probably go for the Kiki.
  12. Hey!! My birthday is April 18th!! Happy Birthday to all us April babies!!:yahoo:
  13. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all!! And I hope everyone gets a LOT of Coach for their big days!! :yes: