So what do I need to provide now if I want to list an Authentic LV on eBay?

  1. I have two items I am thinking of listing (after the price increase, of course), but from what I am hearing, eBay is cracking down on Louis Vuitton listings. I bought both of the items myself from the boutique, and still have the receipts. Would I just list the items and wait for eBay to contact me regarding receipts? If I include pictures of my receipts in the listing, will that help? Thanks for any tips in advance!
  2. Nothing. My advice is not to list anything now. I have loads of photos, receipts, serial and etc. They pulled my lists and they believed my items are not authentic ( I do understand like that). I send e-mail to make appeals 10 times but no any better responds.

    I also purchased the LV bags by myself at Harrods. They are Azur bags which I want to make a little profit from them. That time there were few azur bags on eBay and it is in demand. It was totally rediculous!

    Not only LVs my Chanels and Diors also removed.

    I'm not that serious coz ebay is not my first job but I do wonder why PF members can verify my bag but ebay staffs are all unprofessional.

    You can try to post item if you have some feedbacks and your items have never been moved before. I think around 10 items removed before your a/c will suspend.

    I hope my answer and experiences may help.
  3. I've posted a couple LV bags in the last couple of weeks and they weren't pulled (knock on wood). The first time I just had several clear, close up pictures of the bag and the receipt. The 2nd time, I had the close ups, receipt, plus close, clear pictures of the heat stamp and the date code.

    I also listed them, for the average price that similar bags had been sold for.

    It took over 12 hours for the listing to appear, using the search, but they did eventually show up. If you are listing LV, I'd definitely recommend using at least the 7 day auction as you miss a day for them to "check" your listing.

    I have over 180 positive feedbacks and I've been on ebay since 2003. I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not.

    Good luck!
  4. Good question ...thanks for posting this.
    I hope to get some good input for the folks here.
  5. I think you should wait! Right now ebay is a pain in the ass! All the good sellers that have authentic items, are being restricted! You can't list anything! I think just wait a little bit more.
  6. i just sold 3 lv items and did not have a problem. i havent had any listings removed or restrictions on my account. knock wood. i don't have any more lv to list right now but i would just try and see what happens.