So what did you see at the outlets??

  1. Ok, come on those of you lucky enough to visit an outlet in the sales -what did you see and what did you buy?????????????:nuts:
  2. Yes do tell!!
  3. OOO, I have'nt DARED go near any!! Tara posted that its 50 to 70% off eeek!!!
  4. Ok, just reporting back after my trip to Shepton Mallet this morning. Left the kids with mum & told DH I was going swimming (!).
    I intended to buy a pink Hanover but they didn't have any Hanovers at all. The sale was nowhere near as good as the summer one. There were a lot of washed nappa bags - the araline was down to £175 in claret.
    I saw a lot of tooled Roxannes in the not so popular colours - cream, purple, khaki. There were a few Roxannes & a couple of Emmies.
    I didn't see any Annies and the Phoebes were still £416. The Antonys were also not reduced and still £136.
    I was feeling disappointed as I'd decided not to buy the Hanover from the website (£312 in the sale) and take a chance that the outlet had it.
    So I was on my way out when I spotted something pinkish on the bottom shelf - a crushed strawberry Marta.
    Nearly fell over when I saw the price £49!!!!!!! (RRP £495). With the extra 10 per cent off I paid £44.10 - bargain of the century or what?!
    I'll post pics when I get a chance but there is a pic of (Not) Plain Jane's in the reference thread.
  5. Now that is what I call a bargain sarajane!
  6. Wow, lucky you Sarajane! I would love to live near one of those outlets :nuts:
    Congratulations on your fab bargain!