So What did you order from the SH Labor Day Sale?

  1. So ladies.. What did you get? I got my little girl a Paradiso Ciao (last one)...:yahoo:.. I have no idea what it looks like but she loves the Paradiso print and she'll need a bag to keep her Nintendo DS (which she is getting for Christmas..) I just hope on the bag somewhere it has the sleeping baby which is her fav. She always yells at it "Wake up" on my
    I wanted to order more but I dont really need anything else from the prints they have... :p
  2. I got me an inferno luna, porta and a fumo denaro. :smile: Now I need to be:banned: for sure!! No more eBay for me either! Did everyone get thru the phone lines?
  3. I think I called a minute too early because I was told that Lindsey was not in yet :sad:, so I left my name and phone number
  4. haha i called too and lindsey wasnt in??

    so how were you able to place your orders??
  5. I waited the whole day and I called a few minutes after 10am. The girl who answered told me that they had to get my name on a looong list of people and that Lindsey would call me back. But sadly, how can that be done if I'm from the Philippines?!:crybaby: This is so frustrating!
  6. yeah i feel you ..i stayed up to call and now i got to go sleep it looks like i wont be getting anything after all..:hysteric:

    i also called woodbury too but they told me that they will not be taking any phone calls until Tuesday.. but thats after the sale! ..oh well they dont have any infernos anyways :p
  7. What time did ya call? I called like 10 til and got another SA and she said only one person (Lindsay) would be doing the print placement otherwise if I didn't have a specific request she could help me. Mine was pretty simple so I gave her my order. As I was talking to her I heard the phone ring 2 or 3 times and one time it sounded like I heard Lindsay answering the call. My SA said I could call back in a few hours to get my total. :yahoo:
  8. I got through about 10 minutes ago and spoke to Lindsey, but she put me on her call list and promised to call me back later. :crybaby: I'm kind of bummed about that since she already has my bag on hold for me and just needed my cc info.
  9. ok..weird? i called probably a few mins after 10 as well..i told her i didnt care for print placement...she still just took my name and number..:hysteric:
  10. I'm not into print placement as well, I just wish someone would get my order :sad: I'll try again in a few minutes and HOPE that Lindsey or that other SA picks up!
    sixpixee: at least you can relax knowing that the bags you want are on hold :smile:

  11. yea i called like at 10:10 and i was put on "the list"
  12. ha lindsey just called back and i ordered an inferno nuvola for my friend and an adios star mamma mia for myself..

    ive never ordered from them before and im just amazed at how nice she is..especially on a day like today. i know i would be really annoyed having to take all those phone calls
  13. ^Good for you! Lindsey is pretty nice than the others who have picked up and answered me before :smile::sweatdrop:I'm calling in a few minutes, I hope to be luckier this time around! If not, then I guess it's no order for me...
  14. Ohh I wanted an inferno nuvola too!! but i had to be good! Yeah for you!!
  15. when you guys call do you get a busy signal, or an error message?? "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again"