So what did you get for Sephora F&F?

  1. I love Sephora F&F!!! I bought Prevage treatment and a set of Smashbox glosses.
  2. so you get 20% off with this code?
  3. I wanna get a GHD but I don' tknow if I should get the original or MK4
  4. so I got the MK4, some carol's daughter hair milk, and daisy by marc jacobs
  5. I also bought the GHD styler!!! Ah! Ichelle's post in July popped up on my search for reviews and I was so sold. I'm so excited! Plus, I'll be studying in Rome from January until May and the universal voltage function was super appealing!
  6. Thanks for the code!! xx I bought BE eye shadows, my prevage eye cream, and a dior lip gloss.
  7. i stocked up on some stuff i already use (GHD fat hair lotion and frederic fekkai shea butter moisture mask) and picked some new stuff to try (Jonathan's dirt pomade for my newly short hair and GHD heat protectant for damaged hair). yay!
  8. Yay! Thanks for the code!!!

    I bought Benefit Powder Pop, Bourjois Mascara set, travel set with a cosmetics bag and refillable containers, and brush cleaner wipes...

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    I'm sooooo excited!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Thank you so much for the code! I've been wanting to try out the Laura Mercier primers that everyone has raved so much about. :smile:


  10. Thanks for the code!

    I bought Bliss- Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (great stuff!), GHD Fat Hair Lotion (thanks to amanda's review & others I've read online), and DiorShow Mascara (since everyone is always mentioning it on tpf... I figured I'd give it a shot). TPF is bad for my wallet, lol. Every time I read great reviews on new products, I just can't hold back and have to try them for myself!
  11. I agree with you! TPF is such an enabler forum. All the discount codes combined with the great recommendations and reviews always make me want to buy more and more.

    I'm glad you're trying out the Dior Mascara! I have Dior Blackout and it's great. A little bit more intense.
  12. itsnicole-Diorshow is awesome. I use it religiously!! I took the f&f opportunity to try fiberwig which also got great reviews.
  13. Another vote for DiorShow.

    I just ordered DiorShow Black Out to try (been using just the regular formula) as well as Laura Mercier primer and loose powder to restock my makeup supply. Also added Prevage for my mom--it will be her x-mas present.
  14. I bought the Bliss Glamour Gloves & Gel and my Laura Mercier foundation & powder. Thanks for posting the F&F discount. I purchased through ****** and will be getting an additional 4% of my sale back!! Yeah!!!