So ...what did YOU eat today ?

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  1. I've seen this thread on other sites and it's fun .

    Feel free to rip on people for their dietary choices ! LOL . JK .

    I'll start . I only got 4 hours sleep so I'm on lunch already .

    A plum .

    A bowl of Progresso Chicken Gumbo .

    Trust me , there will be more !
  2. one cheese taco
    sushi...night time for that's it!
  3. - A bowl of vanilla ice cream
    - some cabbage
    - 2 cups of coffee
    - 1 cup of tea
    - 1/2 chestnut milkshake
    - 3 litres of water

    It's past midnight here and I'm going to bed soon.
  4. I've only had breakfast so far today.
    Homemade organic oatmeal Belgian waffles w/homemade organic blueberry jam/OG maple syrup
    Decaf coffee w/half & half
    a glass of OG orange juice and my multivitamin and calcium supplement.
  5. So far I have only had breakfast: a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with skim milk. I don't have anything planned for dinner tonight, so I'll probably end up eating a Lean Cuisine four cheese pizza for dinner with some cut up veggies. I'll most likely have some apple sauce for dessert.
  6. Breakfast:
    2 slices sourdough toast with reduced fat peanut butter, rhubarb jam and sliced banana
    coffee with splenda and FF creamer

    Football Munchies:
    lowfat buffalo chicken dip (email if anyone wants the recipe)
    low fat club crackers

    My DH is making homemade pizza for dinner tonight....YUM
  7. barely woke up so I haven't ate yet. :P but I do plan on having some pho for lunch!
  8. Bowl of Alpen with skimmed milk
    Rice crackers with philadelphia cream cheese and ham
    Flapjack bar
    Handful of 'flumps'
    Cup of coffee/hot choc
    4 pints of blackcurrant squash
    Cauliflower cheese
    Chicken sandwich

    :yahoo: :nuts:
  9. Adobo Chicken with noodles
  10. -leftovers
    -some fruit
    that's about it...
  11. i also had a Lean Cuisine fettucine alfredo

    about 4 ice teas w/ splenda

    2 glasses Meritage

    and 5 Club cracker Stix w/ Jarlsberg cheese dip ( yummy ! )

    Before bed I will have a sugar-free fudgesicle .
  12. I love Pho!
  13. Three cups of coffee.
    English muffin with a half tsp. of butter.
    Two Vicativ Calcium supplements
    Glass of water.
  14. It's 12:18 in the afternoon here in NY and I have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and 2 glasses of water.
  15. Oh man...I'm going to sound like such a pig compared to all of you. But, my excuse is that I'm on my period and I don't gain any weight around this time :biggrin:

    2 breakfast rolls with tiny bit of butter & jam
    Cup of Milk

    Cut up and seared turkey breast with noodles & sauce

    2 pieces of bread with lite mayonaise and turkey breast

    Nimm2 Bonbon
    Some Hershey's Kisses
    Fruit Ice Pop
    Slice of American Cheese
    String Cheese
    Another breakfast roll with some Jelly

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