So, what did you do during the tPF down time?? I hope it was productive for everyone

  1. As much as I love tPF, it actually worked out well for me. I got so much done!

    My doll room and office are cleaner than they have been in months and months. I started cleaning out 7 year olds closet. I got 6 huge boxes ready for Hope Charities to pick up. I worked on the soldier project and so much more. :sweatdrop:

    What about you, did you get a lot done, at work or home...or did you shop :graucho:.
  2. Hey Mary....I got quite a bit done at work/school over the past couple days!! I managed to get 15 complex statistical models ran today, read about 20 empirical journal articles (they are a snore-fest), summarized articles, organized my desk, put together a shelf for my closet, listed some stuff on eBay that I had been putting off!

    It was pretty good! Another couple days of downtime and I probably would've started cleaning the garage LOL
  3. i just started browsing other forums on the internet
    none of the other forums are as awesome as this one though
  4. I started studying for my finals:nuts: I was seriously checking to see if tpf was up evry 10 min...Whats weird is that the site was back up at 3pm, but I couldn't get on till now??? It gave me vlads message on the repairs.
  5. I went to bed and had a good night sleep.
  6. I spent a lot, and I mean a lot of money online! Soooo bad. Glad that TPF is back so that I can read and not shop. LOL
  7. So glad to see everyone!! I am so close to finishing my doll I am going to power through...I will 'see' everyone and catch up soon :smile:
  8. Went to sleep REALLY early last night, and today I actually got some work done (I get a little behind on my work throughout the day b/c I'm too busy surfing tPF), lol. It was awful, and the day went by sooooooooooooo slow!
  9. i had withdrawal symptoms!! lol.

    i got divorced while tPF was down and i was looking for a little love from my friends on here but couldnt! :sad:(

    but i'm good now and HAPPY that it's back on to get my mind off of things! never raelized how much i actually missed this place!
  10. *BIG HUG to socalgrl68*

    I hope you're feeling better now that we're back up!

    I did more real work than I would have liked :rolleyes: Shopped online like a fiend, and spent more time on facebook than I ever have! :p
  11. Ummm. Cried and laid in the fetal position. JK. I cleaned my house and recuperated from a bad cold.
  12. Got a LOT of paperwork done, that Ive been needing to get done and went shopping:push:
  13. I did some studying and ordered something from let-trade lol.
  14. The downtime was good for me too. I got a bunch of laundry and cleaning done. My house is spotless.
  15. bascially i was just refreshing the web page every 1 hr or so when im in work during the downtime ...