So what did you buy with the 30% off PCE?

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  1. I bought the Camo Small Phoebe.


    And the Madison Cafe Carryall in Grey Birch.


    Also got the Patchwork Large Clutchabe...but couldn't get the discount in this one since it is part of the Urbane line. But, I had to have it!

  2. Love your new goodies! That clutch able is tpf,congrats!
  3. I love your Phoebe! I haven't seen that one before. Is it on the FB on,one site?
  4. Black mini Riley
  5. That camo print is gorgeous and I love the way they framed it with the leather.

    I'm going to my FP store next Saturday. I might get a mini bonded Madison tote.
  6. Thanks! I wanted a bag that I could wear crossbody or carry as a satchel & think I found one that just happened to be a fun, happy color too :smile:
  7. Love what you bought, especially the camo phoebe.
  8. Love this bag and the color. I'm thinking about getting this bag with my PCE.
  9. When my SA called to tell me about the 30%- I asked her if a new floorset was going to be available during this promotion and she told me that it would be up this week- so- I am waiting to see what "new" comes out- the only thing she was able to tell me was that there would be more blues available...I am a purple girl- hoping some of those blues are a deeper color...does anyone know???
  10. Nice! Especially love the Cafe Carryall - the color, but also the shape.
  11. I never received a 30% off invite yet...only does one get a 30%?
  12. Yes a new floor set is due out I think on Friday! My SA showed me the new cornflower Saffiano tote, but that is not really a dark blue, but so gorgeous!
  13. The Cafe Carryall seems like a great daily workhorse bag. Nice size and really lightweight. I adore the Grey Birch color. Can't wait for it to arrive. I had to order all my bags as they were either not at the store or not due to release until later.